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July Happenings

Due to the silence on the blog, you may think that we left the USA and totally disappeared.  On the contrary, we are alive and well.  It's just been crazy around here since we arrived.  We had a few days to get our house arranged and everything unpacked before I started back to work.  The first two weeks we welcomed 12 new staff for the missionary kid school here.  Thankfully I didn't have to do all the work by any means, but it's been pretty crazy.  Then one of our missionaries was hospitalized for two weeks.  Here family provides all the "extra" nursing care and bring in meals.  Again, I did minimal amounts of work organizing her care, but it did add to my plate.  It was not a burden....just busy.  We also don't have a car yet, so I have to walk everywhere or get a ride.  The walking has actually been really good, but it does take longer.

For this post, I want to let you know what happened in July, even though August is already half over.

We spent July 4 in C…
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This Was Us

Our kids always hated it when we'd go to somebody's house and one of our really old prayer cards would be hanging on their fridge.  Or if there was an ancient card on a bulletin board at church.  If you have any of these cards, other than the last one, hanging on your fridge or bulletin board, you should probably take it down.  :)

First, one of the Hall family back when I was a kid.  I'm guess this was about 1963.

When I first went to Nigeria in 1982, I was single.  The information on my prayer card was actually on the back of it.

John came to the field in 1984 (we met in January 1985) and this was his first prayer card. Notice our shirts.  I think it was meant to be.

Since we had such good taste in clothes, we decided to get married.  So, we needed a new prayer card.  Our wedding date was August 16 1986.

Of course, it wasn't long before Daniel joined our family.  Suzanne was born during this home assignment, but near the end, so we went ahead and got a prayer card made wit…

A Tour of Our House

We have been on home assignment for a year.  We are busy cleaning and scrubbing our house to leave it nice for the next residents.  In just a little over two weeks we will be back to our other home.  So, before we leave, I thought I'd give you a tour of our house.

First up, the living room and dining room.  This is a pretty big room.  My favorite things about this room are the big French doors that let in tons of light and the electric fireplace.  This was a real fireplace at one point, but fires and rental places aren't generally a good mix.

The dining area is at one end of the living room.

The kitchen is just off the dining room.  You can see all three areas in the panoramic shot above.

The bedrooms and bathroom are upstairs.  This is on the stairs looking down towards the dining room.

Going up the stairs we arrive at a little nook that is an office area.

Every house needs a bathroom.

We have three bedrooms, but they're all small.  First up, our room.  We used our own quilt and…

June Book List

Here are my books for June.

First up was Americanah by Chimimanda Ngozi Adichie.  This book is a lot of things, I think. That's why some parts I liked and some parts I didn't.  I think it is also why some of the reviews I read just didn't get the book.  

As someone who has lived across cultures, I really could identify with Ife as she immigrated from Nigeria to the United States. Her experience was totally different to her boyfriend, Obinze, who was in England illegally. It was helpful seeing the immigrant experiences from these two different points of view and to understand why people want to immigrate, even if they have to take their chances on doing it illegally.

Having been born in Nigeria and having spent about 14 years of my life there, I loved the Nigerian-ness of the book. She described so many things I can really understand.  For example, the book starts with a visit to the hair-dresser.  She calls ahead to the African-owned shop and asks if they can fit her in today…