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On This Day, April 13

My Windows program has a photo organizer with a cool feature called "On This Day".  They make a temporary folder of all the pictures you took on that date.  I thought it would be fun to look back at pictures from 13 April.

We lived in a small town for 16 years, doing church planting.  During that time we helped get a church started in a small village about 5 km down the road.  The believers there built their own church and we helped them by transporting the bricks they made down by the river up to their building site.  We helped some financially, too, but mostly they provided all the funds and the materials.  Here are some pictures of them building the church, taken 13 April 2007.

The man in the red shirt was from another country and did not even live in this village, but he got right in there with guys from another ethnic group and worked with them.  I love how the love of Christ breaks down barriers and brings people together.  That man is now in heaven with Jesus.

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Book Review: The Dream of You

When I read the title and subtitle (The Dream of You:  Let Go of Broken Identities and Live the Life You Were Made For) and even the jacket description of the book, I thought this would be yet another book encouraging you to be you and to dream big and life will be dandy and you'll be wonderful. If you want it badly enough you'll eventually get it.  I was delighted to find this book was so much more than that. In fact, I LOVED this book!

As a TCK (third-culture kid), I fell in love with Jo and her background as a TCK (even though she doesn't use that term to describe herself). 
She grew up in England, is of Nigerian heritage, and she and her husband eventually moved to the USA. So I identified so much with manyof her experiences.

Not only did I identify with her story, but I loved the topics she dealt with: examining the names and labels we've been given and allowing God to re-name us; letting go of perfectionism; not needing to be what we think others want us to be; bei…

March Reading List

It seems that some months I read a pile of books that are just ho-hum and then other months I read one good book after another.  This month was a good-book month.

Hidden Blessings by Kim Cash Tate
The cover states: "Diagnosis: breast cancer; Prognosis: terminal; Life: just beginning."
Kim Cash Tate did such a good job writing about how life can be lived to the fullest even when the diagnosis is terminal. The characters were realistic and everybody had something they were dealing with (cancer, homosexuality, a prison record, drugs, promiscuity, adultery). The story is one of God's forgiveness, of His strength to deal with your problems, of living each day that He's given to His glory, and of love, grace, and forgiveness towards others. In addition, Ms. Tate helps us better understand the physical, emotional, and spiritual battles that occur during cancer treatment.
At times the writing seemed a bit stilted and the book started out slowly. But it definitely got better and …

March Happenings

Well, I totally failed at taking pictures in March!  

The last few days of our trip were in Illinois with good friends. 

Lloyd and John had been best friends back in college.

We got to visit one of our MK's who attends Wheaton College.  She was supposed to fly home for spring break on Friday night, but due to the nor'easter, her flight was cancelled.  She had two nights and days where she needed to find somewhere to stay because the dorms were closing.  Our friends are so hospitable, and they gladly offered her a bed.  It was fun spending time with her, though I know she would much rather have been home!

We arrived back from our long almost-five-week trip to find that the power was out due to a nor'easter with high winds that knocked down trees and power lines all over our area.  All of the houses in our missionary center were without power.  We ended up spending the night at a hotel and then friends said we could stay with them when they found out we were at a hotel.  So the …

Quilts for the Twins

I've been spending a lot of time, right here, in front of the sewing machine.  Our twin grandsons were born almost a year ago.  I've made a quilt for each grandchild when they were born, so it's high time that I finally get these finished!

Batiks with scenes from Niger are often seen for sale on the streets and markets where tourists can be found.  A friend of mine had taken some of the batiks and added applique detailing to the batiks to add color, texture, and interest as most of the batiks are only two or three colors, though I've seen a few that are more colorful.  From that I got my idea for Levi and Everett's quilts.  I also knew that their room is decorated with an African animals theme and Kelly had said blue and brown would be nice colors.  So I got blue/brown batiks, one with elephants on it and one with giraffes on it.

Instead of doing applique (which I don't really know how to do), I embroidered some of the details on the quilt.  I really like the way…