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Working from My Car

I mainly have a desk job.  Of course people are involved, because I am, after all, a personnel coordinator, aka human resources manager.  

But there are times of the year when it seems that I spend more time in my car then at my desk.  The past two weeks have been like that.  On these kinds of days, I think of my car as my office.  Sometimes between errands I'll sit in the car in the air conditioning for a few minutes and make any phone calls I need to make, just so I can cool down a bit.  

Don't worry, I wasn't actually driving and messing with my camera at the same time!

A week ago Saturday we had a massive moving day.  We moved furniture into or out of seven houses and a garage.  Usually when we hire a truck, the crew comes with it.  The last two times we did this, they were energetic and got the work done in no time flat.  But this time they were fasting.  It was 106 degrees that day and the air was heavy with humidity.  I don't know how they did what they did, but it took much longer than the other times I've worked with them!  They were pouring water on themselves whenever they could, but that's just not quite the same as having a drink or getting your blood sugar up with a snack!  Between houses when I was alone in my car I'd grab a drink of water or eat the snack I brought along.  Even so, I was exhausted, so I can't even imagine how they felt.  They had big smiles though when at the last house I gave them a very generous tip for "opening the mouth".  I am sure they saved it to buy a special treat for breaking the fast that evening.  Thankfully we had some help from missionaries and some MKs as well.  I am especially thankful for one of the missionaries who helped me with everything even though he was moving house himself that day!

Other things I've been doing are:

  • Organizing the storage room where we keep household supplies like dishes and linens for short-term housing.  This usually involves driving a load over there or taking something to a house.
  • Checking on the work of an apartment that is being renovated.  It is looking really nice, but yesterday I realized only about five of the 16 or so outlets were working.  That problem is now solved and I think all that's left to do is clean up!
  • Set up housing for people coming in which also involves buying some basic groceries and making sure there is toilet paper, soap, matches, etc.  Yep, I forgot the matches, so back to the store I go.
  • Meeting an exterminator at a house to see if we can get rid of the ant problem.
  • Getting an apartment painted for somebody arriving soon.  I don't do the painting, but organize the work and check on the painter.
  • Get somebody to repair a little problem with a cooler.
  • Organize for a guard's house to have the roof and ceiling replaced.  The water literally pours in during a rain and the guard and his family are living on a screened-in terrace, but that's not much protection when the wind blows!
  • Buy gas bottles for an apartment I'm setting up.
  • Making sure the guard's house at the guest house has electricity and a fan installed.
  • Running the guest house; I've just finished that duty and we are having to close it down for a few months due to a lack of anybody to run it.
  • Making sure a landlord of a house we rent comes to fix a leaking roof.
  • Keeping track of keys!
It's kind of fun having a change of pace, but some days it's pretty hard keeping all the details straight!

In the midst of all this, we are trying to pack up our personal belongings to leave our apartment usable by somebody else in our absence.  And I'm trying to get everything ready at the office to turn over to my replacement and to the gal who works with me and who returns on FRIDAY!  YEAH!  It will be so nice to have her back. :)  And John keeps slogging away on finishing up the corrections for his doctorate.  So we appreciate your prayers to finish well.


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