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2016 in Review

Let's take a look at the year 2016.

January's big events were the dedication of the Tamajaq New Testament, our annual Spiritual Life Conference, helping friends find a house, a trip to visit missionaries in the bush, attended a big wedding, and celebrated John's birthday. It was a pretty busy month.  My January picture is from our trip to the bush and shows baobab trees.  


February was a little less crazy.  John started taking moolo lessons.  February is the time of year when the fresh fruits and veggies are in season so I did a lot of work to freeze veggies for the hot months ahead.  This picture isn't terribly exciting, but a year after the church burnings this church we helped plant back in 1989 finally had a new ceiling and a fresh coat of paint.

In March we attended another big wedding, froze more veggies, celebrated Easter, and visited a church in another town.  John and I have visited a lot of churches in the past three years as he has done research for his doctorate.  We've enjoyed getting to know more pastors and seeing what God is doing in this area of the country.

In April, we had our Area Council meetings, went to a concert that involved John's moolo teacher, I went to a wedding shower for an adult MK who was here doing an internship, and got ready for the TIMO team's arrival.

In May I helped welcome the TIMO team, celebrated my birthday, and redecorated our second bathroom.  But, what can I say, traveling to Oxford to be with John for the last two weeks of his six-week annual trek to England, was definitely a highlight.  How do I even choose a favorite picture from that time??!

In June we spent 24 hours in Turkey, 

found out Suz and Theo's expected baby was a boy, made a trip to the village where we used to live, had a picnic at the sand-dunes, and I became interim Director for the summer.  As part of my duties, I attended the graduation of a girls' sewing school and the graduation of the Bible school.

In July, John and I got to visit the TIMO team on location (which included flying in one of our mission planes), attended the installation of the pastor at a church we helped start, 

and as interim Director attended the closing ceremony of a church camp.

In August we enjoyed the rainy season, I rejoiced when the Director came back, and we celebrated our 30th anniversary.  We had a little party at church for our anniversary.

Also in August I got a house ready for a family arriving, and we celebrated one of our friends who has worked at the SIM office for 20 years.

September was either an unusually quiet, calm month or I was too busy to take pictures, I'm not sure which.  Our office went to greet one of our employees who had just gotten married and I attended an event at Sahel Academy.  That's apparently all of interest that happened that month. :)  

In October we had our Area Council meetings again and then we left on vacation.  Our main reason for going on vacation in October was the birth of our grandson and to see our grand-daughter ... oh, and to see our kids and parents, too, of course. :) 


We were privileged to be in the USA during the entire month of November.  We had some extra time in addition to our vacation for medical work which was really a blessing.  We got to spend good amounts of time with Suz and Theo, with Daniel and Kelly, with my parents in Florida, and with John's mom in Connecticut.  We also got to see my sister, all of John's brothers, nieces, nephews, and even some cousins.  This picture represents all the family time we got in November. 


And then December found us back in Niger.  Of course, there was Christmas, but there was also a difficult situation at church, and setting up housing for a short-termer coming for a few weeks to teach and for a family coming long-term, as well as making sure everybody had a place to sleep during our spiritual life conference.  Here we are wearing our Christmas gifts ... which was fun since the Browns won their first game of the season on Christmas Eve (our nephew, Seth DeValve, plays for the Cleveland Browns in case you missed that! :) ).



Deb said…
Nancy,you sure are busy for the Lord. Thankyou for taking the time out to share your amazing life in Niger (and in England and USA). Praise the Lord for your steadfast love for what you do. You and John are an inspiration and encouragement

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