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Preparing Houses

When people ask me to describe what I do, it sounds kind of boring.  Ummm, well, I answer emails.  A lot of them.  Some of them take a lot of conversations behind the scene before answering.  Some of them are pretty complicated.  So, yeah, lots of emails.  I know, it sounds pretty boring.  I help people a lot, too.  When people don't know where or how to do something, they come to me or my co-worker and we consider it part of our job to help them.  A lot of what I do, because it's personnel (human resources), is confidential, so I really can't talk about it much.  

So, if you ask me what I do, my answer probably leaves you thinking I have a pretty simple and boring job.  Which really isn't true as almost every day is different and challenging in new ways!  

One of the things that the personnel team (two of us in Niamey and one in Galmi) do a lot of is to prepare for new arrivals.  One of us makes sure they have a guest house room reserved and that somebody is scheduled t…

August Reading List

Usually July is our busiest month in the personnel office and then things slow down a bit in August.  But this year August has been as busy as July.  I'll write more about that in my next blog!  All of this business has been reflected in my lack of reading.  I read only two books this month, though I've got several I'm part way through.

The first is by Beth Moore and is called When Godly People Do Ungodly Things. We've all been stunned by the news of a well-known Christian leader embezzling money or having an affair with a woman on his staff.  Or perhaps the person is not well-known, but close to us.  She has been used greatly by God in your life and then all of a sudden she just walks out on her family.  And all of us who are honest have to admit there are times we wonder, "Where did THAT thought come from?" or "Why was I so tempted to do that?  I certainly know better."  Beth Moore deals with why and how the Evil One seduces Christians, and especia…