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The Year Ahead

Today I'm linking up with Suzanne at The Glorious Mundane for the Outside the Frame feature.  Why don't you join in the fun, my fellow bloggers?  All you need to do this week is write about:   New Year, New Goals: What is a resolution that you have had a hard time keeping in the past, and one that you have done a great job keeping?  Then go to Suzanne's blog and add your link.

I like the chance to look back over the past year and to evaluate where I'm at and to have a fresh start.  I'm not a highly introspective person, so I must admit I don't spend a lot of time on this.  But our mission has our Spiritual Life Conference first thing every new year, so I am usually challenged by the messages and often come away reminded of something I need to work on.  Last year it was joy and contentment and this year it is offering grace to people.

The goals I'm not very good at keeping are the ones that have to do with taking care of myself....eating less sugar, getting more exercise, going to bed earlier, etc.  The ones I seem to do pretty well at are tasks such as revising a manual, studying through a photography book, or doing a particular Bible study.

2016 lies before us as an empty page, so to speak. Events will happen this year over which I have no control, but what will be written about my responses to those events? And for the things I can control, what will I choose to write? How will I let God use my life? I'm looking forward to letting God write 2016 for me and for my part in the writing of that chapter! 


Frances Ridley Havergal wrote a hymn I don't believe I've ever heard sung, but which can be sung to the same tune as The Church's One Foundation.  This hymn is called Another Year is Dawning.

Another year is dawning, dear Father, let it be
In working or in waiting, another year with Thee.
Another year of progress, another year of praise,
Another year of proving Thy presence all the days.

Another year of mercies, of faithfulness and grace,
Another year of gladness in the shining of Thy face;
Another year of leaning upon Thy loving breast;
Another year of trusting, of quiet, happy rest.

Another year of service, of witness for Thy love,
Another year of training for holier work above.
Another year is dawning, dear Father, let it be
On earth, or else in Heaven, another year for Thee.


Elaine Schulte said…
I enjoy that hymn and have heard it sung. It's so appropriate for the beginning of a new year.

BTW, I'm working on improving my prayer life this year.

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