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Getting There in Style

This past week I got to do something I haven't done in years.... fly in one of our mission's small planes.  The last time I flew I was sick with shingles.  We were supposed to be going down to Nigeria for a vacation, which would be very good for getting the rest and time to heal that I needed.  The problem was getting there.  I wasn't sure I could take the two-day road trip with my back rubbing against the seat of our pick-up truck bouncing over rough roads.  So it turns out I was able to fly in the plane as far as Maradi and then we drove the rest of the way, so I only had one day of misery instead of two.  That must have been 2003.  Here's a picture of me when I had shingles....I'm not sure why somebody (shall remain unnamed here) took a picture of me when I was sick, but this picture only shows half the misery I felt.  Anyway, I digress.

Thankfully, this time when I flew SIMAIR, I felt great.  I was nominated to be on a committee and it was decided for everybody …

Eating the Frog, Mentoring Like Jesus, and Being a Servant

I love reading, but I must confess that my favorite genre is fiction.  Reading is what I do in my spare time, so I enjoy a well-written story that takes me to another place.  But I also discipline myself to read non-fiction.  Biographies and auto-biographies are my favorite because they read like novels.  I also read quite a few books to do with the Bible or Christian living.  And I try to read several books a year for professional development.  These are three professional development books I've read recently.

Perhaps my favorite of the three is called Eat That Frog!  21 Great Ways to Stop Procrastinating and Get More Done in Less Time.  The author is Brian Tracy who is a motivational speaker and writer.  Pretty much the summary of the book is if you do these 21 things you will be successful.  Hmmmm, well, he's never lived where the unexpected and uncontrollable is part of every day, I guess.  Never-the-less, he does offer some great tips and I found some of them helpful.  I w…

Dirty Hands, Clean Hearts

Yesterday we were able to take a group of young people from our mission school to a local church that had been burned in January. I can't explain here why the church has waited this long to start restoring their property, but they had their reasons.  About a month a go John and I were there for a church service and felt like the conditions were really demoralizing to the church members.  While in the service both John and I got the idea of bringing an outreach team from the school to help with a clean-up day in which they could work with the young people from the church.  John also encouraged one of the elders to get the funds available to them from the money that was raised by SIM and to start work on the church building.

So yesterday when we went we were pleased to see that in the church building they had pulled down the charred ceiling and had replaced it.  They were preparing the walls for painting.  And they had placed conduits to do the re-wiring.  We spent the day working in…

What Would You Do When Persecuted or Misunderstood?

January 16 and 17 are dates that no Christian in Niger will ever forget.  When the question is asked, "What were you doing on January 16 or on January 17?"  each of us will have a memory permanently etched into our minds.  

On January 16 churches, parsonages, and Christian-owned businesses in towns in the eastern part of Niger were burned.  The next day, the 17th, the same thing happened in Niamey.

In the United States, at this point, it is probably beyond our imaginations to think of this happening.  And yet, laws are being created the keeping of which may bring cause you to compromise your Christian convictions.  Perhaps you, my readers, already face mocking or disdain when you share your beliefs in the workplace or with extended family.

Honestly, according to the Bible, persecution or at the very least being misunderstood, is something that happens to believers.  That doesn't mean we need to go around making ourselves obnoxious in the name of the Gospel, but the truth is…