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Show and Tell: Home Tour Edition

Today I'm linking up again with Momfessionals for Show and Tell Tuesday.
 This time the theme is house tours.  I love seeing how people arrange and decorate their houses and I've wondered, if we ever live in the USA again, about getting a real estate license.  I don't know....but it sounds interesting to me to help people find a place that's just right for them.

I'm especially excited about this post because in June we had to have a large portion of our ceiling torn out because termites had lunch up there.  

They even ate the rafter that had the ceiling fan attached to it.  Yikes! Yep, they ate the whole thing. We had planned on getting our house painted this summer, too, because the paint was peeling off the walls.  So from having our ceiling torn out, to getting a termite treatment done (that stuff reeks!), to having the ceiling re-done, to painting with oil-based paint, we couldn't live in our house for about a month.

 Thankfully our next-door neighbors were gone and let us use their house!  All that to say, our house has a fresh coat of paint and everything is pretty much back in place and now is a great time to take pictures!

In all these pictures you may be curious about our windows.  We have screens and security bars on the outside of the sill and then on the inside are glass windows on metal frames that open up into the house.  It's a real pain to have to lift the curtains over the windows when ever you open or shut them.  So in some of the pictures you'll notice that we haven't even bothered.  And, other than our bedroom curtains, I made all our curtains.

When you walk in the front door, you step right into our living room.  It's a strange room in that it's long and narrow.  Some people have galley kitchens....well, we have a galley living room! There is pretty much only one way to arrange it since you have to walk through the middle of it to get to the rest of the house.  But we like it and try to not let the size of it prevent us from having people over.  We have had 13 in Bible study, but that's about all we can hold!

Straight ahead and part of the living room is our dining room.  I like that it's all an open area.  It also makes for nice air flow which is nice since we only have air conditioning in the bedrooms.

To the left off the living room is our bedroom and we have an en suite bathroom.  I made a quilt from orange and blue African fabrics, so one wall is orange and the other three are blue.  We had the same color scheme before, but the orange was too dark and almost looked red and the blue was not the right shade.  This blue still isn't quite right, but it's better.  Folks, there are no paint stores here where you can choose a paint chip.  You show the painter a piece of fabric or something and then you squat beside buckets of paint and mix a little of this and a little of that on the lid until you think you've got it right.  The orange was fairly easy as we just needed to find the right amount of red and yellow to mix.  But the blue was really tricky and we couldn't figure out what to do to get it just right.  So we've got "close enough"!  I should also explain that that's a mosquito net at the end of the bed which we pull up over the bed at night.  
The reddish wood (that doesn't match the rest of the furniture!) is our wardrobe since we don't have a built-in closet.  Yep, we fit all our clothes in the wardrobe and in the dresser which you see to the left.

Our washing machine is in our bathroom.  Other than that, it's just your basic bathroom.  We don't have a bathtub.

Back in the living room...the room next to ours to the left of the living room is a store room.  It's just got all of our junk in it.

Then the room to the left off the dining room is kind of an extra room.  I have my desk in here and my sewing stuff is also in this room.  John's weights are in here and his music books are in the tall wardrobe.  The aqua curtain on the wardrobe was a bedspread I turned into a curtain.  John chose a green color in the curtains (which also have the aqua color in them) for an accent wall. 

 He helped the painter get that color just right and I really like it.

My kitchen is off the dining room.  I really like my kitchen.  It's a great size for just the two of us and I love my red accents.  It makes it look cheery without being overpowered by red.

Off the same side of the dining room as the kitchen there is a little hallway with floor to ceiling storage cupboards.  Off of that is a bathroom and a bedroom.  The bathroom is pretty basic.....The shower is so small you can hardly take a shower without getting tangled in the curtain. Yeah, not very pretty, but it's functional.

When our daughter was home, this bedroom was hers (our son had gone to college by the time we moved here), but now it's John's office.   We had the end wall a dark brown, but it really looked maroon.  In spite of those windows, it tends to be a dark room, so we brightened it up this time with a much lighter brown.  John spends a lot of time holed up in here working on his doctorate or preparing for classes.  We do use it as a guest room, but aren't really prepared to have long term guests since John needs to work in there.

So, that's our house.  It may be humble, but we like it.  After all, it's true that there's no place like home be it ever so humble!


Phil and Barb said…
Nicely done, Nancy! I like the blue; it is a "happy" blue1 Making your house feel like a "home" is one of the challenges of living in Niger (termites, mosquitoes, red dust . . . ), but people do it with paint, fabric, and most of all love! You have used all!
Barb Palmer
A. Kay Daniel said…
Thank you for the tour! My favorite room was the kitchen... maybe because my kitchen has red accents as well. Your place looks comfy and homey, which is the goal, isn't it? Nicely done.
Alta Peng said…
That is devastating. The damage that termites can inflict on infrastructures is a serious cause for concern. Indeed, you should employ all means to keep these creatures from eating into any more of the posts and the roof, then maybe track their colony and decisively deal with it. Anyway, it’s great that you had a place to stay in while the renovations were being done to your roof. Good luck with all that, and take care!

Alta Peng @ Liberty Pest

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