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The Ghost of Christmas Past

I've been using some of my holiday time to organize my pictures.  It's fun to look at old pictures and it brings back a lot of memories.  I thought I'd share some of these priceless photos with you. Looking back at all my pictures, I wish that we had gotten a family photo every Christmas.  But we never did.  

1986:  The year John and I got married.  We were living in Susquehanna, PA in my Grandpa's house.  He had moved into a nursing home just down the street from his house, so we got to visit him quite often and he was still able to walk up to his old house (though I think the nursing home staff considered him AWOL when he did that!).  I know we celebrated Christmas with my parents and my sister, Natalie, her husband, Duane, and their baby, Alesha.  You'd think that our first Christmas as a couple I would have taken a lot of pictures, but nope!  Alesha seems to have been the center of attention as the three Christmas pictures I have from that year have Alesha in th…

Christmas Celebrations 2014

Christmas celebrations start with an office party.  All of us who work in "services" (office, guest house, & SIMAIR) get together at a missionary family's house and enjoy a meal, games, and good conversation.
On the Sunday before Christmas, the children at church put on a little program with songs.  They were so cute in their hats.  There were sparkles on their hats so before long their foreheads and faces were also covered in sparkles.
On Christmas Eve I had to work half a day, but I got welcome packets ready for everybody who will be arriving between now and January 11.... a total of 30 people!  That afternoon I made two casseroles (one to take to church and one for our guard) and two pies (for Christmas supper).  Since our fridge needed to be emptied and I'd spent the afternoon cooking, we just ate left-overs for supper.  (I'm so glad my husband doesn't mind left-overs! :) )  Then we went to the neighbor's house for a little Christmas play their kids…