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What Are You Looking forward To?

Suzanne at the Glorious Mundane asks a weekly question.  For fun you can answer the question, then link up to her blog.  This week's question is What are you looking forward to?

I think looking forward is a good thing to do.  It keeps you hopeful and gives you goals to work towards.  Some of the things I'm looking forward to are just normal seasonal things that happen whether I want them to or not.  Others may are dependent on my actually doing something about them.

I'm definitely looking forward to the humidity being gone.  I love the rainy season, but since it's not going to rain any more, let's just let it be dry!  We've had some dry days this week and the evenings are already starting to get cooler.  Days are still hot, but that's ok if it's not humid and if it's cool at night.  In fact, we have slept the last few nights without running our air conditioner.  It's border-line warm still for that, but hey, saving money is worth it!  Already the …

Getting There is Half the Fun

One of the men I work with at our office has a new baby in their home.  This is their second child and their first girl.  In the culture here, the name is not given at birth, but later on the 8th day. As I understand it, when the child is born at the hospital, the name is required for the birth certificate.  Since it is the religious leader who gives the name, not the parents, the dad will ask the leader for the name so it can go on the certificate, but only the dad and the leader know the name.  Everybody else, including the mom, is kept in the dark until the 8th day.  More modern parents are now more involved in deciding the name and the mom may know ahead of time.  But in general the name is still kept secret until the 8th day.  Our friend's wife had the baby by C-section and wasn't up to having the naming ceremony on the 8th day so they actually had it almost two weeks later.

Usually the naming ceremony is held at the home of the family, but some Christians are having thei…

Orientation for New Arrivals

Twice a year John and I and our colleague, Eliane, facilitate a two-day orientation for all those who have arrived in the country since our last orientation.  

We cover a variety of topics such as maintaining your spiritual life, handling stress and conflict, how to learn a language, church history, [s]am in our context, and sharing the Gospel using media.

Eliane had the group work in small groups during her sessions.  
John led the session on [s]am in Niger.

Scott and Lucia gave some helpful pointers for learning a vernacular language.
Sjoerd and Rachel showed how media can be used in evangelism, even if you don't speak a local language well.  
Probably everybody's favorite session is when Mr. Hama talks to us about local culture.
Eliane had the group identify things that cause stress in every day life.  The board was full!  Do you think living in Niger might be just a little bit stressful?

We like to end orientation with a fun activity that is also a chance to learn a new skil…

My Favorite Color

Suzanne has started a weekly feature on her blog where she asks a question.  You answer on your blog and then link up to hers.  If you'd like to play along, just click here.

So this week's question is simple....What's your favorite color and why?  First, I'll let you guess my favorite color by looking at these pictures.  (Hopefully it's not an overload of ME pictures!)

By the way, three of these photos were taken in Niger, one in Pennsylvania, and one in Washington State.  I'll let you guess which is which.
And, here's another hint to my favorite color.  My favorite flower is also this color!
If you guessed that it's purple you're right!
Now, the hard question is....WHY is it my favorite color.  I'm not sure.  I really like a lot of other colors,, green, red, brown, etc.  But purple just makes me feel really happy and calm.  I also think I look good in purple, so I tend to gravitate to purple clothes.  So I don't really have a profoun…

Grandma's Brag Book, September

I love being a grandma.  Not that I've had much experience at's all still very new.  But some days it is just hard to be so far away.  I'd love to see little Tera growing and changing.  Some days her mommy struggles with new-mommy-ness and I'd just love to be there to lend a helping hand.  I'm so thankful that Suzanne does such a great job at coming us up-to-date on what is happening.  She sends us a little letter from Tera every day and with it she includes a picture.  Since Grandmas are notorious for bringing out their photo album of their grandkids, I need to live up to that reputation.  So in this blog post I'm just sharing with you my favorite photos from the month of September.

When Suzanne sends me the vertical pictures they arrive sideways.  I save them in a vertical format.  But when I post them to the web, they come up sideways again.  In blogger there is no way for me to turn them around again.  So, sorry that you will have to lie on your sid…