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Sugar, Sugar, Sugar

I LOVE sugar!  I have a sweet tooth that I believe must have been inherited from my Grandma.  We used to wonder if when none of us were around she ate only cookies.  I love cookies, cake, and pie.  I love lots of brown sugar on my oatmeal.  Bread with jam.....well, let's just say you shouldn't be able to see the bread under the jam.  And I love Coke, especially the Coke we get here that's made with sugar not with corn syrup.  Oh, and candy.  Pretty much any kind of candy, but especially if it's chocolate.  Left to my own devices, I would probably be like my Grandma and eat a well-rounded diet of cookies and other sweets!  

Ironically, I don't like super sweet drinks, like juice, Kool-Aid, and the way hibiscus juice is made by many people.

However, I do know how bad sugar is for you.  I've also been trying to lose a little weight.  So, I decided to cut out sugar while John is gone and see how it goes.  It's easier when he's not here because when he's here I make him cookies and so on.  I decided my exception would be that I would have cake on coffee break day at the office.

So far I've done pretty well.  I'm drinking my tea without any sugar.... I was down to one teaspoon in my tea anyway, so I'm not sure if this is a change I'll keep or not.

I haven't had any sugar in my oatmeal.  I do put raisins in my oatmeal, so that makes it bearable.  As long as I can have raisins, I probably won't go back to adding sugar.  No sugar on my fonio (a grain found locally) porridge, though, is asking a bit much.  So I've been adding a teaspoon of honey.  I can live with that.  I already eat my yogurt without sugar and my granola does have a bit of honey and brown sugar in it, but per serving it can't be much.

I haven't drunk one single Coke the whole time John has been gone....three more weeks to go.  Honestly, this has been the hardest.  It's hot and a cold Coke would sure hit the spot.  I have some serious cravings for a Coke some days!

I've also had some cravings for chocolate candy and for ice cream (which we normally don't eat any way, so I don't know why I'm craving it!).

So, have I cheated at all?  Well, one week we had Area Council meetings for three days in a row and we had coffee break all three days.  So, that was kind of a stretch to the "coffee break rule".  My neighbors brought me Hot Cross Buns for Easter and yes, I ate them, and yes, they were amazing.  I went to a ladies' retreat and they passed around cookies and I kind of felt like I needed to participate.  And today at church there was a baby presentation and then afterwards the family served sandwiches, popcorn, and a small piece of cake.  So, I ate that. 

Sadly, none of this sugar reduction and the calorie counting I'm also doing has resulted in much weight loss.  I have some thoughts on that, but that will be for the next post. 


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