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ABC's of Me

Back in February Suzanne did a fun post on "The ABC's of Me".  Since nothing terribly exciting has been happening in my life (busy, yes; exciting, no), I thought I'd do a similar post.

Age:  All I’ll admit to is that I’m in the 2nd half century of my life.
My birthday is in May.  Here's a picture from a few years back.  We were in the US that year.  May is one of my favorite months in the US.  Notice I am wearing a sweater and look fresh and alive.  Now, here is a picture of me celebrating my birthday in Niger.  I look like something the cat dragged in.  Let me tell you, May is my least favorite month in Niger and it's a terrible month to have a birthday.  One word to describe May in Niger would have to be SWEAT.  

Bed size:  Double.  I don’t think anything bigger would fit in our room. 
Thankfully neither of us are big people and we’re very comfortable in our bed!  Except in May when the power goes off, then we're like, "Don't touch me!"

Chore I dislike:  Dishes.  Definitely dishes.  I have to admit I do have somebody who comes in and does the floors, dusting, and ironing twice a week.  And yes, dishes.  Monday nights and Thursday nights are our favorites because we know he’s coming to wash the dishes the next day!  And I really shouldn’t complain because John does the dishes on Sunday, Tuesday, and Friday and I do them on Wednesday and usually on Saturday.  Sometimes there aren’t many dishes on Friday, so he’ll help me do them on Saturday instead.

Dogs or cats:  I really prefer dogs, but John doesn’t like dogs at all.  Plus, people around here are really afraid of dogs, so we don’t have one.  When Daniel was three, a neighbor gave him a kitten which lived for 16 years.  Now we have another cat that neighbors gave us.

Essential daily item:  Food?  Clothes?  Those are kind of essential.  I guess because of my work I try to always have my phone with me.

Favorite color:  Purple. Very definitely purple.

Gold or silver:  Definitely silver.  Even my wedding and engagement rings are white gold.  I do have one “gold” set of earrings and necklace, but other than that I don’t wear gold.

Height:  5’2” and probably as my mom always says, “and shrinking”.

Instrument playing:  You’d think after six years of piano lessons I’d be pretty good at it.  But I’m not.  I only play for my own enjoyment.

Job title:  Personnel coordinator.  I love my job, but it definitely keeps me busy. 

Kids:  Two, a son and a daughter.  No, make that four:  a daughter-in-law and a son-in-law, too.

Live:  In west Africa.  I have lived more of my life in Africa than in America.

Mom’s name:  Betty Louise Gay Hall.  The “Hall” came when she married my dad.  Betty is not short for Elizabeth or anything else, just Betty.  My mom is amazing, by the way.

Names I have:  Nancy Evelyn, Hannatu, Anasara, Honey, Giwa and NannyGlo which only my dad is allowed to call me, so don’t even try it.  My grandpa always called his grandkids “Widget”.  Little did he know it would become a computer term.

Operations:  Tonsillectomy when I was three.  An operation to repair the messed up episiotomy and other damage sustained during Daniel’s birth. 

Pet Peeves:  People standing behind my chair when I'm working and making it turn or making me feel like they’re looking over my shoulder.  By brain immediately freezes up and I can no longer do whatever I was working on.  People chewing loudly.  Crazy drivers who think they own the road.

Quotes from a movie:  “The husband is the head of the family.  But the woman is the neck.  She turns the head wherever she wants it to go.” (My Big Fat Greek Wedding)  “As you wish.”  (Princess Bride)  I don’t really remember lines from movies.

Right or left:  Right

Siblings:  Two brothers and one sister.  My brothers were twins and one of them died in Ghana of malaria before I was born.  My brother is five years older than me and my sister is 14 months younger than me.  (That's me in the pink.)

Tune: Boy, I don't know.  Right now coming up on Easter my mind goes often to In Christ Alone.  

University:  Cedarville University.  Only back then it was Cedarville College.  I graduated with a degree in what was then referred to simply as El Ed or Elementary Education.

Veggie Dish:  Recently I made a baked zucchini casserole that was delicious!  I like most vegetables with the exceptions of Brussels sprouts and peas.  But frozen peas are ok. 

Why I am late:  Because when people say, “It’s time to go”, I think that means, “It’s time to get ready to go.”  Because I have no concept of time.  Because I get busy and forget that I need to go.  I hate leaving tasks I am in the middle of.

X-rays:  I slammed my toe into the wall and it hurt so bad and was so bruised I went to have it x-rayed.  But it wasn’t broken.

Yummy food:  Home-made pizza.  Anything chicken.

Zoo animal:  I love watching the otters at the zoo.


Mommy Becoming said…
I didn't know it was family tradition, but my mom calls Azaria "widget" too.

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