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My Trip to Kenya

I've been wanting to blog about my trip to Kenya, but the internet at home has been horribly slow.  Not only that, but I've also had a bad cold and have been pretty tired and going to bed early.  I think I'm finally kicking the cold, but still have a sinus headache today.  In fact today, I came home at noon, didn't even say anything to John, got in bed, and slept for over an hour.  Poor John thought something was really wrong with me.  I was just too tired to even think about lunch or conversation!

I was really happy that I got to travel with Carol to Kenya.  She helps me with personnel stuff for our mission hospital.  We had to take three planes to get there...Niger to Abuja, Nigeria; Nigeria to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia; and Ethiopia to Nairobi, Kenya.  We arrived at one in the morning, but by the time we got to our guest house it was nearly three.  We slept until eight, then ate breakfast and went in a bus to the conference center where we spent the rest of the week.  Yo…

I Collect....

Today's photo challenge was to be what you collect.  My collection is....elephants.

When I was a baby I was quite chubby.  Or so the story goes.  I really don't remember!  My dad was studying Hausa at the time and started calling me "Giwa" which is Hausa for "elephant".  The name stuck even though for most of my growing-up years I was quite thin and scrawny.

I've left most of my elephants in storage in the USA.  I don't have much place here for that kind of thing, don't want to spend time dusting them as we fight a losing battle with Sahara dust here, and some day we'll retire and I'll want them permanently in the US anyway.

So if you visited me here you'd not see much evidence of my collection.

Actually, I'm quite picky.  I don't like cutesy kinds of elephants and I don't buy them just to add to my collection.  I try to get ones that look quite realistic and are different from others that I have.

A few years ago John and I w…

Not a Particularly Profound Post Pertaining to "P"s

I've been following the FMSPhotoaDay photo challenge list.  Today's photo was to be something that starts with a "P".  I think "P" is a cool sounding letter with its explosion of air.  Writing a "P" in cursive is one of my least favorite letters, though.  Here are a few "P" pictures I took today.

Wearing a PURPLE dress, sitting in a PEW, listening to PASTOR Kimso, PRESIDENT of AMEEN, PREACH to the PEOPLE.

A PLASTIC bag stuck in a tree.
Which PASTA shall we have for lunch?
PRINGLES...which one do you think is John's can and which is mine?
A bottle of PERFUME and PURPLE kente cloth on my dresser

PRICKLY leaves and stems on lantana
And last, but not least a PARTIAL solar eclipse (see how the circle is slightly flat on top?