Saturday, August 24, 2013

Five Minute Friday

LAST (with pictures from 2012 and matching pictures from 2013 taken from more or less the same spot)
Last:  adj or adv -- the person or thing after everyone or everything else; the most recent or the one before the present one
August 2012
August 2013
Last:  adj or noun/pronoun -- the only one or part that is left

Last: adj -- the most unsuitable, unwanted or unlikely
Last:  v -- to continue to exist

A year ago we had become part of the Niger River.  Flood waters had overcome our two river-side campuses.  The clean-up and emotional processing had just begun.
August 2012
August 2013
Last year was a difficult year. No doubt about it. For me personally, I put in a lot of extra hours....and my involvement was just a tiny fraction of the whole effort of clean-up, recovering, and reaching out to those around us.
August 2012
August 2013
At this time last year, we were looking at the last of truckloads of stuff being moved off the campus.  We were looking for houses for people and for dorm students as well as buildings to use as school buildings.
August 2012
August 2013

I hope it is the last flood we ever have!  It comes in last on a list of fun events and pretty high up on a list of stressful events. 

But I hope the memories of how God worked and how He brought us through will last in our minds forever.
August 2012
August 2013

 He has indeed brought us through to a place of abundance.

Now, set your timer friends, clear your head, for five minutes of free writing without worrying about getting it right. These are your people. The poets, the mothers, the bloggers, the writers, the pencil and paper artists. Let’s do this.
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ValByDesign, Valerie said...

Amazing Post!! Wow, I can't believe what you went through. I truly do appreciate, though, how God is with you when you're living through something like that. And when people come together to get through those situation,s it so wonderful. I really enjoyed your post, and thank you so much for Sharing!!!

Sandra Wilkes said...

Am so glad that was LAST year and things are better now. I really cannot ever imagine! You are a strong person!

Jane Stutzman said...

I've seen close up the devastation of flooding; it's never hit me personally. Looking back, you probably wonder how you were able to accomplish all that God enabled you to do, are glad to be on this side of such an event and hope never to have a similar experience again. That LAST photo is simply gorgeous...evidence of God's trustworthy faithfulness.