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I've been reading through the Bible and am currently just finishing up Numbers.  It never ceases to amaze me the way the Israelites remembered Egypt.  They constantly complained about their current situation and remembered only the good things about their past situation.  They wanted to go back to the leeks and garlic, but they totally forgot they were essentially slaves there.

But this tendency isn't limited to the Israelites.  We do it, too, fondly remembering the "good old days" when everything was better.  In reality, there were hard times in our past, too.

And then there are those who look back and all they can remember are the bad times they've gone through and they forgot to look at how God carried them and helped them during those times.

This year has certainly brought on a lot of remembering at our two river-side campuses.  Remember when we had church in a building instead of a tent?  Remember when we had grass on the quad?  Remember when everyone came to school on the same campus instead of two different ones?  Remember when parents could talk to each other after school instead of driving up to the gate with a number to pick up their child as quickly as possible to keep the traffic moving?  Remember when our walls weren't dirty?  Remember when we didn't have to put in so much extra work?  Remember when our furniture wasn't gross?

And now that we're starting to clean up, we think:  Remember when we were wading around in putrid water?  Remember when we filled all these sandbags and then the water came in anyway?  Remember removing everything possible from the two campuses?  Remember the exhaustion of those days?

God is blessing us with people who are also remembering former visits to us and are now coming back to help us out.  Former dorm parents with their three kids came.  Our conference speaker from last year came. A former teacher came.  Four former short-termers came.  A young man who grew up here has made the trip to help .  Looking into the months ahead, most of the individuals or teams who are coming have some sort of connection in the past with one of our campuses or they are connected to somebody who has.

I think God uses our remembrances to remind us of His goodness, of the difficult times we've been through and of how He carried us, and of His blessings to us.  He also uses remembrances to motivate us to action.


Beth said…
Great post, Nancy!
Lovely post!

I have to admit, as soon as I clicked on your blog, my heart immediately cried, "Africa!" Then I saw in your 'about' that you've recently taken up quilting - another of my loves! Both made me smile!

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