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Declaring War on Mosquitoes

The place where we are living has more mosquitoes than any other place I've ever lived!  We see more in the house in a day here than we used to see in a year where we used to live.  I am not exaggerating.  We find ourselves constantly doing battle against these annoying and dangerous little critters.  

They are definitely dangerous, killing more people here than any other disease.  Within hours from coming down with malaria, a person can be dead.  So believe me, we take our war on mosquitoes seriously!  There are four ways we try to protect ourselves.

First, we take a prophylaxis.....medicine to help prevent getting malaria.  Both of us take doxycyline, which is an antibiotic.  It can cause stomach upset, nausea, and burning of the esophagus, so we always take it with a meal.  John takes his at breakfast and I take mine at supper.  I used to take mine at breakfast but since it's a lighter meal for me I was finding myself nauseated mid-morning.  I don't know for sure if it wa…

I Won!

Thursday morning when I got up, I had an email message and a Facebook post from my friend Beth at The Bee in Beth's Bonnet.  She told me to hurry over to Missionary Blog Watch because I might win something!

I looked and come to find out, my blog and four others were being featured.  If I was the first blogger of the five to respond, I'd win a $50.00 Amazon gift card.  I thought it was a little too good to be true, but it wouldn't hurt to try!

Later in the day I had an email with an Amazon gift card attached!  That I won was a surprise, but the even bigger surprise was that it was actually a $100 gift card.  Wow!  That really made my day, I can tell you.

Why was the blogger behind Missionary Blog Watch giving away a gift card?  "Because today is World Mental Health Day.  And I think a new read for a missionary would certainly promote mental health."  I had to chuckle at that.  I have had a lot of stress the past two months, so he's right.  A good book is always a…

In Exile

Our church meets on one of the campuses that was flooded, so we've been having church elsewhere.  One of the families in the church has a children's home which includes a large open area.  So the church has a tent of sorts that they've erected there where we meet each Sunday. We also have a section in the shade behind the tent where people can sit. The children have Sunday School next door.

It's a bit crowded.  And we've learned to avoid the chairs along the right side of the canvas as they get down-right toasty in the sun before the service is over.  The chairs are so close together that when we stand to worship, one really can't do much dancing or moving!  It's a bit difficult to get your moves on when your chair is crammed up against your legs and your stomach is crammed up against the chair in front of you.

But we're together.  And the worship is still good even if we feel a little confined in our expression of worship.  The messages lately have bee…