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Setting up New Homes

As everybody who reads my blog knows my now, both of our kids got/are getting married this summer.  Suzanne was married three weeks ago and in a week Daniel will be married.  We've been in the US much of the summer because of these events.  

I was able to help Suzanne get their apartment somewhat organized.  They weren't starting to pay rent until June, but the landlord let us move their stuff in and put things away in the kitchen.  We couldn't organize everything as the landlord wanted to do some painting and furniture rearranging.  It was a lot of fun to help her organize her kitchen and see how she is making good use of a small space.  Their apartment is a basement apartment, but it is fully furnished and rent includes utilities, so they've got a really good deal.  The downside to a basement apartment is that it's a bit dark. I'll try to post more pictures when we visit there again and they've got everything organized.

After Suzanne's wedding we came to Pennsylvania for three weeks.  We've been staying at Missionary Retreat Fellowship, which is a great place to just relax and enjoy the peace and quiet.  During these three weeks, we made a weekend trip down to Arlington, VA to see Daniel in his new apartment.  Kelly found it on-line and it will be a nice place for them.  It also includes utilities, but is not furnished.

Last year when we lived in Maryland we bought a few pieces of furniture to supplement what was in our furnished apartment.  We also have a Turkish rug we inherited from John's parents.  So we rented a cargo van and took the stuff down to Daniel, as well as boxes of his books and "stuff" he had in storage.  It took John and I about 1.5 hours to load the van....the big struggle was trying to wrestle a queen size box springs into the van.  Then, five hours later, when we arrived at Daniel's place, everything had to be wrestled about to the third floor!  Thankfully Daniel's cousin, Jeremiah, who lives nearby, came over to help.
Jeremiah had found a couch along the curb which he brought over.  It was a four-seater couch, so it was really long.  They got it up the first section of stairs, ok, but then there was no way they could turn it to get it up the next section.  And by then it was wedged in the stairwell, and it wasn't moving. It was 11:00 p.m. by then and we were trying unsuccessfully to be quiet.  We finally all voted to take the couch back out to the curb!

The floors in Daniel and Kelly's apartment are wood, and they have to be at least 70% covered with rugs.  So John and I spent a lot of time cleaning the Turkish rug. We vacuumed the top, then the bottom, then the top again.  We also went to Home Depot and bought a piece of rug, 12' x 10'.  We didn't have a tape measure to get a proper measurement of the bedroom, so we were just guessing that the room was 10' x 11' and that we'd have to cut a piece off the rug.  But when they got the rug rolled out, it fit perfectly!  Jeremiah loaned them a rug for the dining room, so with a few more rugs in the kitchen, they'll be set for rugs.

We didn't do too much arranging in Daniel's apartment, because we know Kelly will want to do that. They still need to get a small couch or something for the living room, a mattress and bed frame, some dressers, and a dining room table and chairs.  I think they could also get some shelves for in the kitchen.  Their kitchen has brand new fridge and stove so it's pretty nice.

I'm so happy to have had a part in helping Daniel and Kelly and Suzanne and Theo get settled in their new lives.  It does my mom heart good.


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