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The Year in Pictures

I decided to summarize the year 2011 by putting up a picture for each month.

January 2011 
We made a visit to Connecticut, then took Suzanne back to Ohio (Daniel was already there, but I don't remember how he got back), helped represent SIM at Cedarville's missions' conference, and spoke at a church in western PA on our way back to Maryland.  To celebrate John's birthday, we went sightseeing in Washington DC. We visited the African-American Civil War Monument, the Daughters of the America Republic museum, and walked past the White House.

February 2011
Daniel (not our Daniel) and Victoria came to visit.  We had a great time.....guess what?....sightseeing in Washington DC.  This time we visited the African Art Museum and the Holocaust Museum.

March 2011 
John had his spring break from the college we were at, so we drove to Sebring, FL to visit my parents.  We had a really good time with them, sitting on their verandah eating lunch and just spending time together.  It was a foggy rainy morning the day we left.

April 2011
Spring was absolutely gorgeous in Maryland!!!  The azaleas and the cherry blossoms turned the area into possibly the prettiest place I have ever seen in the spring.  But even better was a visit to us from good friends....Ed, Sharon, & Luke and a week or so later Al & Judy.  I chose this picture of John with Ed and Sharon just because it shows how much fun we have together.  Oh yeah....guess where we went with our two sets of visitors?  You got it!!  Washington, DC.  With Ed & Sharon we visited the President's Gallery at one of the museums, went quickly through the American History Museum, and then we walked around the monuments where all the cherry trees were in blossom.  With Al & Judy we went to the American Indian Museum.

Another trip to Ohio, this time for Daniel's graduation from Cedarville University.  We couldn't be prouder!  (or is it more proud?)

We moved from Maryland back up to Pennsylvania and John was off for his six weeks in England.  Daniel was working in Ohio, and Suz and Theo were working at nearby Camp Ladore.  Thankfully they came home every weekend which kept me from getting too lonely!  It was a pretty quiet month, though.

Most of this month was spent packing and getting ready to return to Africa.  John was back from England and we took a couple of weeks for a "staycation", seeing some of the local attractions.  But probably the highlight of the month was taking the wedding pictures for my nephew's wedding. Jeremiah and Heather had a beautiful wedding!

Back in Africa!  Suz and Theo went with us and got engaged while they were here.  That was pretty exciting!!

September was a pretty quiet month with us settling into a routine.  One day everybody in the office went to the house of one of our co-workers to have a time of prayer and present a monetary gift to him to celebrate the birth of his twins.  Normally that is done at the naming ceremony, but that was held in a neighboring country and none of us could go.  Meanwhile, back on the other side of the big pond Daniel got engaged to Kelly! :)

More routine!  One of the big things we did though, was to host an orientation for new missionaries. In this picture John is translating for Hama who talked about Nigerien culture.

These are two of the ladies I get to work with.  I enjoy them a lot.  We also got a new generator installed at the office meaning we can continue on with work even when the power goes off.  Suzanne had been sick for over two months so I made a quick trip to the USA to visit and encourage her.

While in the US, we got to take a trip to Washington DC.  While there we visited Georgetown Cupcakes.  It was fun spending time with Daniel and Kelly and Suz and Theo.

2011 was a year with a lot of transitions in it, such as moving twice.  There were times that stretched our faith and that were difficult such as Suzanne's extended illness.  And there were a lot of joys such as the engagements of both of our children to godly partners. 

May God bless 2012!


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