Monday, November 14, 2011

30 Day Photo Challenge, Day 14, Eyes

I don't really like pictures of just eyes.  They seem to me like they are missing something.  Kind of like a dismembered body part.  I've often heard the expression "eyes are the window to the soul".  But they are windows, meant to look into something or out from something.  They aren't meant to just be all by themselves without the person attached!

Still, I've always loved these eyes.  Can you guess to whom they belong?  It shouldn't be too hard!

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podso said...

You know I think you can see so much in someone's eyes even by themselves such as this photo of your beloved. I know someone that works with women who wear burkas and all he has ever seen is their eyes. But he can tell who is who and what the mood is. ETC. Says it's a m a z i n g ....