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Praying for my Children

Ever since we knew I was pregnant with our children, we have prayed for them.  As they grew, we prayed for them.  As we raised them, we prayed much for ourselves, also, that God would give us wisdom!  And now that they are on their own and thousands of miles away from us across an ocean and on another continent, we continue to pray for them.

A couple of years ago I started praying scripture for my children.  For example from Psalm 63:7 & 8:  "O Lord, because you are Suzanne's help, she can sing in the shadow of your wings.  May her soul cling to you; your right hand upholds her."  Or from I Corinthians 16:13 & 14:  "Lord, help Daniel to be on guard.  May he stand firm in the faith.  Help Daniel to be courageous and strong.  Help hi to do everything with love."

And we are currently excited about the way God is answering our prayers that someday they would meet and marry somebody who would be both godly and uniquely suited for them.  Daniel's fiancee, K…

And Two Shall Be One

On July 23, about a week before leaving to come back to West Africa, my nephew wed his high school sweetheart.  Well, maybe that's not technically correct....they met in high school, but didn't go to the same high school.  A neighbor lady of Heather invited her to church with her.  Her church is the home church of my nephew, Jeremiah, so they met at church.  Heather found Christ there...and her true love, Jeremiah.

July 23 happened to be one of the hottest days of the year in western New York state.  Unusual for that area, it was over 100 degrees.  Because the area has short, mild summers, the church had no air conditioning.  And the church was beautifully decorated with hundreds of candles which made it feel even hotter! My sister scoured all the flee markets and 2nd hand stores she could think of to find enough ruby-colored candle holders to decorate with.  She did a great job on it!

The day started with a visit to the salon and up-do's for all the girls and moms. My nie…

New Babies

The wife of one of my co-workers at the office recently had twins.  Here the mother-to-be often travels back to her mother's house to have her baby.  This mother did, traveling back to Burkina Faso to have her babies.  Because the babies were born in Burkina, the father traveled there as well for the traditional naming ceremony, usually held on the 8th day after birth.
Usually if somebody at the office has a baby or another important event happens, everybody at the office will go together to the event.  But since the babies' naming ceremony was in another country, we couldn't really all go together.

So when the mother got back with the twins, we all went over to their house to greet.  We collected a gift of money to present to the parents.  Of course, we all wanted a turn to hold one of the babies!  We prayed for the family and presented our gift to them.  Here are some pictures from our visit.