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A Visit to Ephesus

As you know, I've been scanning my late father-in-law's slides.  It is a time-consuming job, but interesting at the same time.  Thankfully he had written a brief description on each slide, otherwise we wouldn't know what any of the pictures were.  While they were in Turkey working from 1959-1962, my father-in-law was able to travel around Turkey a fair bit and was able to visit several historical sites.  One of the places he visited was Ephesus.

Ephesus is, of course, mentioned in the Bible.  The book of Ephesians was written to believers in Ephesus and Revelation 2:1-7 addresses the church at Ephesus.  Ephesus was most widely known for its temple to the goddess Artemis. (I don't know if these pictures are actually of the Temple of Artemis or not...)

Browsing through the book of Ephesians after seeing these pictures adds new meaning to some of Paul's explanations to the believers there, especially these verses in chapter 2:  "Consequently, you are no longer fore…

Missionary Packing 101

By the time we return to our mission field, we will have been in the USA for two years.  It is easy to collect STUFF....and then have to figure out a way to get it back to Africa.  I have tried to not buy more than what was on our list of things we really need...a list we made while still there.  Otherwise I get overwhelmed by the amount of STUFF in the stores and am tempted to buy far more than I need or even really want.  However, there are things that we either can't get there or we can't find a good quality version of it.

I found out that a container will be shipped in May so I need to get anything we are shipping by container to them by the beginning of May.  That works perfectly for us because we go to Daniel's graduation on May 7, then move back to PA on May 16, and then John leaves for England on May 19.  So getting the boxes to the shipping place by May 1st gives me a good, do-able deadline.

We use to take everything in boxes with us on the plane and pay excess bagg…