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Two Friends and Two Museums

On Feb 19 John and I were going to take a day to do sight-seeing in Washington DC, but the subway stations we needed to travel through were closed for repairs.  It was also an extremely windy day, so we decided to stay home.  We'd reserve our day out for the next Saturday, Feb 26.

Then on Tuesday we got a call from Daniel and Victoria, asking if they could come visit.  We met Daniel in Niger when he came out to teach Math at Sahel Academy.  During his time there, his fiancee, Victoria, came to visit, so we got to meet her.  We visited them in Chicago last September and went to their wedding last January.  Daniel spent a lot of his time in Niger, not just teaching, but also mentoring the high school kids.  He had a huge impact on Suzanne's life.  Daniel and Victoria are preparing for missionary service and well, we just really enjoy being with them.  So of course we were excited when we heard they were coming!

We decided to move our plans for a day in DC up to Friday instead of S…

Rooted and Grounded in Love

John and I decided not to go out for Valentine's Day.  We just didn't think it was worth facing the lines we knew we'd find at most restaurants.  So I just made a special dinner.  We splurged on steak and I made my special potatoes.  We also had asparagus, fruit salad, and home-made banana bread.  It was probably better than anything we could get at a restaurant we can afford and at a much better price!  I think John looks pretty satisfied with his meal, don't you?

John gave me some chocolate and a pretty potted rose plant for Valentine's Day.  Unfortunately the rose is already looking, ahhh, shall we say, not very healthy.  I know I do NOT have the green thumb required for keeping plants alive.  I really do try, and I love having plants, but......  Maybe I didn't water it enough?  

Or maybe its roots are just not deep enough.  Let's blame it on the plant, shall we??  The past two weeks our pastor has been preaching on being rooted and grounded in love.  &quo…

Cotton Castle

What image would your mind conjure up when you hear the term "cotton castle"?  

I have been scanning my mother- and father-in-law's slides, converting them to a digital format.  My in-laws were in Turkey from 1958-1962 and my husband and two of his three brothers were born there.  My father-in-law wrote a brief description on all the slides he took in Turkey, which has helped immensely in knowing what and where the pictures were taken.  I came across a series of pictures entitled "Hierapolis, Cotton Castle, Pamukkale".  So my mind was prepared to see bales of cotton stacked up....enough bales waiting shipment that they looked like a castle.  Instead, this is what the slides were:

Now I was really curious!  Clearly this wasn't cotton, but was some kind of rock formation.  So I looked it up on the internet.  First of all, I learned that "Pamukkale" is a Turkish word meaning "Cotton Castle".  Then I found out that this "castle" was …

John's Birthday

John's birthday was on a Saturday, so it was a perfect opportunity to take another sight-seeing venture into Washington DC.  Again, we took the metro.  After our friend's car got stolen at the metro station we've been a little leery of parking there, but we bought one of those steering wheel bars and decided to risk it (yes, the car was there when we got back.  Whew!).

The first place we went was the African-American Civil War Museum.  That was quite a disappointment.  It was being temporarily housed in the U Street YMCA, which turned out to be just as interesting as the African-American Civil War Museum. I think because the museum was in temporary quarters, they were down to what they could squeeze into one room.  Then a large group came in and we couldn't really see around much.  The YMCA (which is now a museum on the ground floor and offices on the other floors) was the first YMCA built for black men.  It was a beautiful building and is now on the National Register o…