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Christmas 2010

It has been nice to have Daniel and Suzanne home for Christmas.  "Home".....We had a discussion one night about how this is not really home to any of us.  I think "home" comes from living for a period of time in a place and experiencing things together.  For Daniel and Suzanne, they might call this "home" because we are together as a family, but they haven't been here enough to have shared experiences, memories, and traditions that are centered in this place.  We all feel a bit more like guests than anything.  Which is how we should feel on this earth in general.  Heaven is our true home and we are only temporary residents here on earth.

But we tried to do some of our usual Christmas traditions and we did some new things as well.  Since we live so close to Washington DC we took a day to do some more touring. This time we went first to the Library of Congress.  I love this building.  It is so majestic and beautiful.  Everywhere you turn there are inter…

They Forgot Jesus

Christmas.....such a great time of year and I am really enjoying it.....
.....Daniel and Suzanne are both home.

.....It snowed a little on Thursday, so now it looks like Christmas (even though the snow is mostly gone now).

.....We got our Christmas tree and decorated it.

.....We drove through the neighborhood and looked at Christmas lights.  This one was ridiculously lit up with a ton of JUNK.  I'd hate to be the one paying their December electric bill!  We also went to the Winter Festival of Lights in Prince George's County at the Watkins Regional Park.  They had lights in every shape and form and some of them were pretty cool.  There were candy canes, a Santa shooting hoops (this one appeared to move with Santa's feet on the floor and then dunking the ball), deer (my favorite one), a Maryland crab, and even a rock and roll band.

But as we drove through the park, we remarked that there was no Jesus.  No nativity.  No remembrance of what Christmas is REALLY about.  Christmas i…

A Frigid Day in DC

Our friends, Steve and Jo, and their three kids came down from PA to visit us.  They were our 2nd visitors (Mom and Dad had been here in October).  We've been pretty lonely here, so it was great to see familiar faces and to spend time with them.  We all feel comfortable around each other even though we are not exactly the same generation (not quite old enough to be their parents, but too much older to be siblings).  They came Sunday afternoon and we talked until quite late.  Not too late, though, because we needed to get up for our big day of touring DC!

It was so much fun to have their three kids with us.  Everything was an adventure for them and I never once heard one of them whine or complain.  It's always refreshing to see things through the eyes of children.  Maybe that's why Jesus said we should come to Him as little children.

After the experience in which our friend's car was stolen at the metro station, plus the fact that we don't have a Park 'n Ride pass…

Facts about Niger

John spoke in chapel last week, introducing the country of Niger to the student body.  I made a power point presentation to go along with his presentation.  We talked about the challenges in Niger.

1.  The Challenge of the Heat 
Niamey is the 2nd hottest capital city in the world.  Niger's average temperature is 84.6.  Compare that to 55.7 degrees for Maryland and 49.9 degrees for Scranton, PennsylvaniaWe're talking hot, folks.  (And that also explains why we're always so cold here in the US!)  For about eight months of the year temperatures are routinely over 100 degrees.  In May the temps don't even go below 80.  This extreme heat leads to

2.  Extreme weather.  For eight to nine months of the year there is absolutely no rain at all. When the rains come, they are accompanied by violent dust storms.  Sometimes there just isn't enough rain and famine results.  This extreme climate and frequent droughts lead to

3.  Extreme poverty  The average yearly income is $391.00…