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Thanksgiving Weekend

We left Maryland Wednesday afternoon to head north to Connecticut.  We had to keep reminding ourselves that the destination was worth fighting the traffic of the DC area, Baltimore, and Harrisburg.  What should have been an eight hour trip took ten.  But we figured that was pretty good for the day before Thanksgiving.  There were times we were going five miles an hour, but we were never stuck for long periods of time.

The day of Thanksgiving there is always a big race in Manchester.  But you'll have to read John's blog that he'll be doing sometime this week to find out all about that.  I'll just say, I don't know how they keep from tripping over each other!

The best part of Thanksgiving was that Daniel's girlfriend, Kelly got to come and Suzanne's boyfriend, Theo, also came.  We enjoyed spending time with them and getting to know them better, but, in all likelihood this was the last Thanksgiving we'll spend with them for quite awhile.  As you can guess, i…

A Quick Trip to Ohio

Back in October Daniel's girlfriend and Daniel's roommate from last year came down here for a surprise visit to Daniel.  He knew Collin was coming, but not that Kelly was coming.  The Saturday that they were here, they parked their car in the Park-n-Ride, which is free on weekends, and took the metro into DC where they had a fun day sight-seeing.

When they arrived back at the Metro Station at around 10:00 p.m., they discovered that Collin's car had been stolen.  We loaned Collin Daniel's car to get back up to Ohio, since it is just parked in our parking lot.  We start it up once a week and sometimes I take it shopping, but mostly it just sits there.  Daniel has no place to park it in downtown DC.  (Long story short, it was so complicated to get Collin's car back as he had to appear in person at the police station to get a Police Release Form.  After 21 days the car belongs to the tow-truck company, so they got a free car.  By the time Collin would have traveled back…

Erika's Wedding

Way back in May my sister started exploring the possibility of my taking the pictures of my niece's wedding.  I agreed with great fear and trembling....and some nightmares as I shared with you!  As it turned out, it was a fun time and I think the pictures turned out pretty well.

Erika's sister, Alesha, Suzanne, and I went with Erika to a covered bridge and did a photo shoot there.  Erika was brave enough to wear her wedding dress a few days before the wedding.  I was so worried we'd get it dirty or something!  We kept a white sheet under her so every picture took a lot of adjusting the dress and the sheet so the sheet wouldn't show.  Suzanne and Alesha were great dress/sheet arrangers.  At first I was annoyed that people would paint so much graffiti in a historical landmark.  But then the pictures ended up looking really cool.

The wedding was on Saturday, so on Thursday afternoon, right after the photo shoot, we went to their church and decorated for the reception. My s…

The Year for Weddings

So far in 2010 we have been to six weddings.  We could have attended a total of 9 weddings, but we couldn't because they were on the same date as another one we were already going to.  And one of those was also in Australia, so that was kind of out.

The first wedding was on New Years' Day.  What a way to start the was just a precursor of things to come!  That wedding was in Alabama and was the wedding of Daniel, a guy who had come to Niger to teach math.  We had "adopted" him while he was in Niger.  His wedding turned into a mini Sahel Academy reunion.

The second wedding we attended was our neighbor girl's.  On our last home assignment this family, missionaries to Mexico, had also lived at Missionary Retreat Fellowship.  Every day she, Daniel, Suzanne, and another girl rode the bus to the local public school.  We were delighted when we came on home assignment this time that that family was also there again!  Abby and her husband, Ben, are both students a…