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Moving to Maryland

The last two weeks have been pretty crazy.  We finished packing and cleaning the house in Pennsylvania.  I have to have my living environment/work space pretty clean and organized to get anything done, so it has been a pretty frustrating time for me. 
More than once one of us lost something important and couldn't remember where we had last seen it.  My biggest heart-stopper was when I couldn't find my credit card.  I was pretty sure it wasn't lost out in the world somewhere because I knew I had last used it at my desk. I just couldn't find it there!  Sure enough, I eventually found it in a different pocket in my wallet than where I usually keep it.

We did find some time for fun.  One night our family and Tam went to the Wayne County Fair.  Our favorite fair is the Harford Fair, but it was not open yet. 
I'm pretty sure John is buying lemon aid, not funnel cakes or fried oreos.  He doesn't do junk food.  I love going to the fair on a warm summer evening, just walking around, watching people, enjoying all the sights and sounds, looking at the HUGE American farm animals, and seeing people's creative work on display.  And, of course, there are fun things like bumper cars!
 It's a good thing we had that evening of fun together, because later that week Suzanne had all four of her wisdom teeth removed at the same time.  She was in a lot of pain the first three days and had issues with the pain management.  Or maybe I should say it had issues with her.....her teeth hurt so she couldn't eat, but the pain medicine wouldn't settle if she didn't eat.  She decided she'd rather have pain than an upset stomach.

Daniel and Suzanne left for Cedarville on Monday, the 16th.  Poor Suzanne was still all swollen up and in some pain, but felt much better than she had over the weekend.  She has had some problems since with one of the extractions and is supposed to have it looked at today. 
Daniel is doing an internship in Washington, DC this semester but he doesn't start until the end of the month, so it worked out for him to drive Suzanne out to Ohio.  He's helped out with Getting Started weekend and, of course, he didn't mind since there's a special girl out there he wanted to see! 

Later that day we got a rental truck and loaded up our stuff.
As far as furniture, we only had some shelves, a small table, and a desk.  We had a lot of boxes of stuff (how can transient people collect so much stuff??!!!) and it wouldn't all fit in the car, so that's the reason for the truck.  It wasn't a hot day, temperature wise, but the humidity was just crazy, so it was a hot steamy job.

Our trip to MD went pictures....  It was a nice, warm sunny day.  No rain thankfully.  I made John let me drive the truck.  It was not difficult to drive.  We arrived in MD around 3:30 and unloaded the truck.  The problem is that we live on the back side of the building, away from the parking lot, so it was a lot of work.

The apartment had been surface cleaned, but wasn't as clean as I like it, so the scrubbing began.  Now it is looking really good and I will give you a virtual tour next week.  We had originally been told that the apartment was unfurnished, but it turns out that it is furnished.  Not having to buy furniture has been a huge savings to us and we are thankfully.  The apartment also has a fireplace and a dishwasher and some other nice features.

Best of all, I'm almost organized and completely set-up, for the first time in at least three weeks.  We've lost our "little black book" with people's phone numbers in it, though.  So far, that seems to be the only important thing we've lost.



Mommy Becoming said…
I always love your blogs and pictures. Thank you for letting us see into your world! I can't wait to see you in Oct. (And I'm sure you can't wait to see Shane! lol)
podso said…
You are really on the move this time at home!
Loved your post. I remember moving into our house in IL, trying to rent a car and leave for TN, get my drivers license, and 100 other things that were going on--typical missionaries on the move kind of stuff so I had to laugh as I read about your move!

I was wondering if the funnel cakes reminded John of the Seniors funnel cakes at the Christmas bazaar!? Miss you guys!

Glad you are settled! I have come to accept that my home will never be spotless and things will never be in their place. I have a family that never puts things back where they belong so I decided to join them rather than fighting them.


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