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A Race with No End

When I was in England with John we saw a boy wearing a t-shirt that proclaimed, "Where there is no finish line." 

I understand that N*ke had a series of posters in the early 1990's that proclaimed "There is no finish line."  I think I understand what they are trying to say.  You should "Set your goals.  Follow your heart.  Live your dreams."  And if you're wearing N*kes you'll never get tired and you can go on endlessly.  And in some things, you set a goal, achieve it, set another goal, achieve it, and so on. You keep pressing foward.  However, if you set a small goal, achieve it and then quit, you'll never get very far.

But when I saw the shirt my reaction was, "Now THAT would be awful!"  Who wants to run in an endless race?  Who wants to play an endless game?  Who wants to follow an endless course?  Who wants to go through an endless ordeal?  Who wants to live an endless life (especially if you keep getting older and more decrep…

Jeremy's Wedding

In 2006 Jeremy came to Niger to live and work with our family.  He got to see all sides of missionary work.  He saw some of the thrills, a lot of the discouragements (we were going through probably the most discouraging time in our ministry while he was with us), the hard work, the required perseverance, the necessary sense of humor, the importance of spending time with people, and the rewards.  This picture brings back some memories and is an example of some of the things he experienced....we had just come back from Niamey.  While we were gone the workmen were supposed to repair our salanga (latrine).  We had no running water due to a water shortage and had to haul in every drop of water we used, so we conserved greatly by using the salanga instead of flushing the toilet.  Well, if you look in the background of the picture, you will see a huge cement slab leaning against the wall.  That is the top of our salanga.  Yep, we came home, the work had been begun but was not finished, and w…

Unclean Women

The January 2010 issue of Christianity Today ran an article by L. Lewis Wall entitled Jesus and the Unclean Woman.  Let me encourage you to read that article in its entirety.  You can go directly to the article on-line by clicking on the words "Christianity Today" or check your local public or church library for a copy of the magazine.  It is well worth reading.

Dr. Wall, as a physician, goes into more detail and explanation about the story of the unclean woman that Jesus healed than I believe I have ever heard.  He takes an in-depth look at Mark 5:25-34 and explains the passage by looking at the Levitical laws in Leviticus 15:19-28.  I have always felt sorry for this woman who had bled for 12 years, but I had never thought of how deep her shame ran.  Dr. Wall points out as a medical expert that she was most likely infertile.  Infertility in the culture of Jesus' day was a woman's biggest shame.  Secondly she was always unclean.  Every thing she sat on or touched was …

Mother's Day

We don't do much to celebrate Mother's Day in Niger.  The last six years or so that we were in Tera Daniel and Suzanne were always at boarding school for Mother's Day, so John would usually make me dinner, but that would be it for Mother's Day.  Now, let me tell you, cooking a meal for me in May, the hottest most awful month of the year in Niger, is no small gift!!!  It's a pretty big deal and always much appreciated.

And I don't know when the last time was that I was with MY mom on Mother's Day.  So it was a treat yesterday to be able to celebrate Mother's Day with my mom. 

Here we are on what appears to be Mother's Day (it may have been my Dad's graduation) about 45 years ago! I don't look overly happy with the idea of having my picture taken....that's me in the middle.
And here we are yesterday.  It's too bad my brother and sister couldn't have been with us yesterday, but they did both call, within minutes of each other.

We decid…

Really the Last Post about Oxford

I thought that my last post would be the last about Oxford.  Well, it was the last from Oxford, but not the last about Oxford.  I promise this will be my last Oxford-related post!

The last week I was in Oxford I didn't really do much.  I'd seen everything I had wanted to see, so I just went for walks and packed and took care of some last-minute details.  As I mentioned before, we lived very near a meadow.  This meadow was a grazing area for cows and horses and ponies, but people could walk through it and even sit on the grass and read a book, chat with a friend, or have a picnic....better watch where you sit, though! 
I often saw the cows, but had only seen the horses one evening way down at the other end of the meadow, which is probably at least a mile long.  So one of my last days I went out with my camera to find the horses, assuming I'd have to walk all the way to the end.  I arrived at the meadow and there they were at our end of the meadow!  I tried to find out inform…