Thursday, April 01, 2010

Museums and Walks

Our flat is ideally located.  It is less than .5 miles from the Oxford Centre for Mission Studies.  It is about 1.2 miles from city centre.  On Sunday we visited the Ashmolean Museum which is less than a mile away. 
This museum has a little bit of everything from Egyptian artifacts to pointillist paintings.  It has recently been renovated and was just re-opened.  I may go back there again some rainy day as it was impossible to see it all before my feet and legs got too tired to keep standing any longer.

 And just almost literally on our doorstep is the Oxford Canal Walk.  During the pre-trucking, pre-railroading days, the canals were used for hauling goods into and out of the industrial areas of England.  Today the paths are kept up and are great for walking on.
In fact, one can take a six day walking holiday and walk from here to Coventry.  I walked about two miles down the canal a few days ago.  Today house boats line the canal and much of the area has been turned into a preserve for local plants, birds, and small animals.  

The sight-seeing has just begun!  I will keep you posted on what all we see and do. I go downtown at least every other day to buy food, but I haven't taken many pictures as I am waiting for a nice sunny day!


Dusty Penguin said...

Do people actually live on the canal, or are the houseboats just out for pleasure rides?

Hannatu said...

I think people actually live in them. But probably more in the summer.

Rachel said...

we have friends from our church who live on a canal boat. It must be cold in winter but they say it's nice and cosy with the fire going!?!

mymeanderings said...

OKay I told Steve that you are both so lonely that you really "NEED" Steve and I to come and visit! :)

Love, JO