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Blueberry Picking

I LOVE blueberries! When they are in season I eat them on my cereal every morning. Not only are they delicious, but they are also good for you. They are higher in antioxidants than any other fruit and they are also high in Vitamins C and E. They are low in calories and lower your cholestorol! Not to mention that they are pretty to look at, too!

On Friday John and I went to Ritters' Farm Market to pick blueberries. There you pay by the pound so you aren't supposed to eat as you pick. It was mighty tempting, believe me, but I exercised great self-restraint and didn't eat any!

We were there about an hour and picked nine pounds of blueberries! She gave us one large bucket and we wanted to fill it. We almost filled it, but not quite. She said that bucket full is usually right around 10 pounds.
We have had a lot of cold, rainy days this summer, so it was nice to be outside on a warmer day. It is cloudy in these pictures, but the sun did shine before we were through. I…

A Fun Weekend

Daniel and Suzanne are working at Camp Ladore this summer (see here). Normally camp runs from Wednesday morning to Monday morning, so they get Monday afternoon and Tuesday off and return to camp Tuesday evening. They are both working as counselors there. They work long hard hours with some pretty needy kids. But they are doing well and making friends with other staff. Many of the staff come from overseas, especially England, Australia, and New Zealand.

This past weekend was a long weekend off for them. They had Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday off. The staff members from overseas stay at camp all summer, but on the long weekend they have to leave the camp so that the directors also get a true break. So Daniel and Suzanne brought three other counselors home with them. One is from Sweden, one from England, and one grew up in NY City but is currently from Lancaster.

Unbeknownst to Suzanne, her former roommate from Sahel also came down for a visit. She and her sister, who bro…

4th of July weekend

Suzanne and Daniel had to work at camp the weekend of July 4th, but John and I went out to CT for the weekend.

It actually warmed up a bit for the weekend, so we had nice weather all weekend. On the way there John and I stopped at McDonald's for lunch. They had some outside tables, so we took our lunch outside and ate in the sunshine. Most restaurants and stores are overly air-conditioned for our thick Niger blood!

On the 4th, we went to a picnic at the beautiful home of people that go to Trinity Covenant Church, our home church. It was nice to get to know some people we had never met before. That evening we went to the home of a couple who are going to take an early retirement and want to become missionaries in Africa. How cool is that??? Right now they are confused by all the options and possibilities so I hope we were able to help them sort things out. It would be tempting to try to push them towards SIM Niger, but we refrained from the hard sell at this point in time!

On …


Whenever we are in CT our friend and supporter, Mark, takes us sailing on his boat. It is always so much fun. This time was fun, but it was very different! Normally it has been sunny and warm when he has taken us, but this time it was rainy and downright cold. There was great wind, though, and that's always a good thing when you're sailing!

We started out wearing sweatersand Daniel was just wearing a t-shirt. But there was a bit of sun at that moment.

Then the kids ended up below deck to get out of the wind.By then Daniel had donned a jacket. Then it started to rain, so we went into the lee of an island, dropped anchor and had our lunch. Don't worry, it's just root beer.

Then we tried sailing some more. Mark didn't want to go out too far because of the weather. It wasn't a violent storm or anything, but it was hard to tell what was coming.
You can't tell, but by now I am wearing a fleece jacket and a sweater.

Next came the wool blanket. Both Suzanne and…