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Party Time!

This has been the week for parties! Maybe it's what keeps us going in the heat.

On Wednesday, the ladies from the office went out for lunch together. Two of the ladies couldn't go, but there were five of us. Until recently the men have far outnumbered the women, so it was nice that we are increasing in number! (A year ago it was Linda, Ouma and me.) On the left of the table from left to right are Linda, Ouma, and Ruth. They all work in treasury. Linda actually works in Projects, but she has been helping out in treasury. Beka on the right side of the table runs the guest house in the absence of the usual guest house hostess, but starting this summer she will switch to being the director's administrative assistant. I really appreciate being able to work with each of these ladies. Ouma enjoyed it so much. She said it was the first time the ladies of the office had all gone out together for lunch so I said we'd have to make it a tradition!

Thursday John brought a cake he made to the office so we could have a special coffee break for my birthday.

Then Friday night we went to a play at Sahel Academy. I didn't get any pictures, but it was a lot of fun and the kids did an excellent job.

Friday night was kind of hard to get any sleep because we went out to the airport at 2:00 a.m. to welcome Daniel! We can't take pictures at the airport, but here he is in the truck on the way back home. After getting back to the house we got some sleep before a delicious pancake breakfast we were invited to at a friend's house.

Then Saturday night we went out to my favorite restaurant, the Pilier. I ALWAYS order the same thing there. They have this home-made spinach ravioli that is amazing and never disappointing. We also had an appetizer that was fantastic. I think a meal of this quality back in the US would probably cost triple what it does here. Aren't they so good-looking? It didn't take long for the brotherly-sisterly love fights to start up though! This picture looks like it's all Daniel, but I can assure you that Suzanne probably started it! I love the way families can just go back to the way they were before a long separation! By the way, this dinner was to celebrate my birthday, Daniel's arrival, and Mother's Day all in one.

Afterwards we went home and I opened my gifts. My birthday was really the 7th, but we waited to do gifts until Daniel got here on the 9th. This is a really cool painting John got me for my birthday.My mother-in-law sent this beautiful blouse with Daniel. Now I'll just have to find something to wear it with....and keep it hidden from Suzanne in the meantime. I got lots of other nice gifts, too.

Then this afternoon there was a surprise party for me at our neighbors' house (we share a yard). She had told me that we needed to have a compound picture taken at 3:00. I was like, "Well, sometimes we're taking naps still at 3:00 especially if church goes extra long. Why don't we do it right after church?" So she said her kids would be seriously grouchy by then and that wouldn't work. So I said, "How about 5:30 right before we go to evening church?" and she came up with some excuse. So, I thought, well, o.k., I'll manage....just so I get my nap! So, I walk into the house with Daniel and John....We opened the kitchen door and I saw a friend sitting there and I thought, "What's he doing here when we're just having a compound picture taken?" Then I came around the corner and everybody yelled, "Surprise!" I really truly was surprised!

It's so hot and so I just pull my hair back even though it looks so much better down. Also I hadn't washed it because I always wear a scarf to church so it gains me a few extra sleep minutes if I don't wash it Sunday mornings! I feel like I look so hot and tired in these pictures, but it really was a lot of fun. John and Beka and Suzanne did a great job planning it and putting it together and I never suspected anything.


Beth said…
What a week, eh! Nothing like having the family back together again...the picture of Daniel and Suzanne cracks me up probably cause I can picture the same scene playing out with Kent and I. And I see, the birthday queen was up to her tricks again! :)
Anonymous said…
I don't think it looks bad pulled back at all! It is so funny when I was reading it I did not suspect a birthday party either!!
I am sure the very best gift was having your son home!
Suzanne looks so great with that haircut, it is perfect for her!
Happy birthday my friend!!
Love, JO

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