Friday, February 20, 2009

I Hurt Myself Sleeping

For the past couple of years my right shoulder has gotten more and more painful whenever I move it. At conference time a doctor from another mission said he would come and see whatever missionaries needed a doctor so that the SIM doctors could have a break (which was ironic because the SIM doctors ended up taking care of our two brain surgery people!). Anyway, I decided that since I can no longer even get my arm behind my back maybe it was time to go see a doctor. I mean I don't have constant pain....just when I move my arm to certain positions. Although I must admit the pain is becoming more and more often and more intense.

So I went. He moved my arm this way and that and declared that I have a problem with my rotator cuff. He asked if I had injured it doing a sport. Ha! He obviously doesn't know me very well! It's kind of hard to hurt yourself doing something you don't ever do! So, he kept asking questions trying to figure out how I got my rotator cuff messed up. Finally he asked if I sleep with my arm over my head. I said, I do and he said that's probably what did it. Seven to eight hours with my arm up, even though it was supported, would do it. We also have a very firm mattress which I am wondering if it may be contributing to the problem.

So, how do you like that? I hurt myself sleeping. It seems like it would be less embarassing to say I hurt myself playing sports. But no, I have to say I hurt myself sleeping.

He gave me some exercises to do, which I am trying to do routinely. I also take one asprin in the morning and one in the evening. Asprin is better than Tylenol for this because it reduces the swelling as well as relieves the pain. The asprin seems to be the best thing I've done for it yet.

So, be careful how you sleep! You may hurt yourself!

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Prayer for our Friends

Many of my readers will know that one of our colleagues was med-evaced after having a seizure on the first day of conference. A CAT-scan revealed a tumor on his brain, but it was thought to be benign. Unfortunately, when the tumor was removed and a biopsy was done, it was discovered to be cancerous. The doctor believes it is very slow-growing and gives him a good prognosis. Still, you can imagine the emotions that he and his family are experiencing now. His photo was in the last blog I posted. We would appreciate your continued prayers for him, his wife, and two girls. He will start radiation therapy in a few weeks in Australia.

You'll also know that the day after our conference, four of our missionaries were involved in a terrible car accident. A boy ran in front of them and was killed. The missionary driving tried to avoid him, causing the car to go down an embankment and roll. Apparently the witnesses to the accident did not expect to find anybody alive in the car. Praise God, all were alive and only one was severely injured!
She was brought back to Niamey in an ambulance and had surgery on her brain to relieve the bleeding. Because of the many prayers of people from around the world, she has made a very good recovery. She tires easily and her back is still sore from being banged around during the accident. She is still rehabilitating here in Niamey and will soon go outside the country for a thorough check-up.

She is well enough now that the ladies got together to celebrate her birthday this past week! Here she is being hugged by another missionary lady (she is the one in blue). We all brought some food to share and one of the ladies made two beautiful birthday cakes. We also gave her cards and some gifts of money to help her be able to do something special when she goes for further care.

How great it was to see her enjoying herself rather than lying in a hospital bed. Some birthdays are extra special and this one definitely was one of those extra special ones. When one has walked through the valley of the shadow of death and then gets to celebrate life....well, that is pretty special and all the glory goes to God!