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Spiritual Life Conference (SLC)

Spiritual Life Conference, usually just called "conference", is a highlight of the year for everybody. Many missionaries work in isolated places. All are stretched, working harder and longer than they ever thought possible. Many have exciting things happening in their work while others are discouraged. We all get together and have great fun, food, and fellowship. And imagine all the little missionary kids, many who have only their siblings to speak English with, coming together at conference. Believe me, there are a lot of hugs, stories, tears, and prayers shared while the kids play, play, play. It's like an enormous family reunion. The messages are great because many missionaries preach Sunday after Sunday or they sit in a service where they don't completely understand the message. It's so nice to be fed in a language you understand! This year was especially good because the speaker was Terry Ribble, pastor of Grace Bible Church in Dunmore, PA that sup…

A Day Trip to Tera

Suzanne's friend from Tera who got married in May had a baby in October. I know, definitely not nine months! We couldn't go to the naming ceremony as we had too much going on at that point. So we went up on December 18. It was a national holiday so the office was closed and Suzanne didn't have school. She was also able to take a friend with her.

On the way up we were on the ferry with a whole herd of sheep and goats. They were crammed between the vehicles. There were small kids and lambs and they were getting stepped on by the bigger animals.

The first place we went to in Tera was Hawa's house. She and Hama were our next-door neighbors when we lived there. They live in a grass hut. Hawa is about my age and her husband is in his 70s. He is a pretty old man, but they seem to get along pretty well. Their daughters that grew up with Suzanne are both married now and one of them has two kids. The other has been married almost three years and doesn't have any ch…