Monday, August 04, 2008

More About My Work

Like I said in my last post, one of the things I do is get houses ready for new arrivals. One of the places I have to keep organized is a big ugly shipping container. It is full of shelves and cupboards where linens and kitchen items are stored. I try to keep the sheets in plastic bags, not only to protect from the dust, but also to keep them together as sets.
Well, as you can see the dust battle is a losing one!!! We just make sure we wash things well before we put them in people's cupboards.

The container has a strange smell....kind of a combination of dust and laundry detergent. Things have gotten rather disorganized this summer. We've closed down some houses and put the linens and kitchen items back in the container. Some things have been donated (that's always nice!) and I bought some gently used sheets. Linens wear out quickly here...a combination
of sweat, dust, and intense sun drying the sheets.

I don't find this picture of me very flattering! I had my hair pulled back because it's pretty hot in there. I was trying to empty these boxes and find a place for everything. I was aiming to get work done, not trying to be gorgeous.

This is not the main part of my job, but it's definitely an important one.


Amanda said...

I'm sure everything we used in Niger would be in that container! I'm sure you are doing a great job!

Dusty Penguin said...

Anyone who hasn't done your job would never know how big of a job it is--and they probably don't know how sticky Tupperware gets in hot storage! I have done that part of your job, and actually I really enjoyed it. I spent a lot of time washing dishes and bleaching Tupperware.

Hannatu said...

I don't mind it, but sometimes I don't have time to do it as well as I'd like.

Dusty Penguin said...