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A Graduation Party

This year I made Suzanne's dress for the Junior/Senior Banquet. It was so pretty, but when she tried it on, the top was way too big. I didn't know what to do. I mean I can sew basic stuff, but I don't do alterations. So, we took it to the tailor and he fixed it up for her. This was taken at the end of the evening and she had already taken off her necklace. But here are a few more shots of her at the banquet with some of her friends.Suz and Tam

Suz and Trae
He is the young man who was in the motorcycle accident. He got back from Paris about 4 hours before the banquet! As you can see, he is wearing a brace which he has to use for another month or so.

Suz and the three graduates.

The graduation ceremony was very unique. Historically we have rented an air-conditioned assembly hall, but this year it was held outside at Sahel Academy. The graduates came in riding on camels!Adam's camel was very hungry and kept insisting that it would be more fun to eat leaves off the t…

A Wedding Party

16 years ago when we moved to Tera, one of the first families we met was Maimouna's. Maimouna became my house worker and my faithful friend. Among her 11 children were two who were Daniel and Suzanne's age. Soumeyla and Daniel were always pals and Suzanne and Sofie were pals.

On May 24th we went to Tera to participate in Sofie's wedding. She is 17 years old. While arranged marriages are still common, her's was "semi-arranged". The young man she married likes her so he made sure that the family arranged the marriage with Sofie. She is his 1st wife and she married into a much wealthier family than she grew up in.

The bride is sequestered on her wedding day, with her friends to keep her company. Imagine being in a house with no windows and no air circulating while it is 105 degrees outside. Inside must have been at least 120 with the heat index. It was awful. Here is Sofie and one of her friends. Sofie is wearing the black scarf. She is a beautiful girl with lots…

Rain and a Clean-up Party

It hadn't rained for eight months. Then on May 20, we got our first rain of the rainy season. It was preceded by a terrific dust storm.First we saw clouds with a slight orangish-brown tinge to them. Close the windows fast! Get the clothes off the line! A dust storm is coming!!!The warm humid wind has been blowing out of the south-west all day, bringing with it moisture from the Atlantic ocean. Suddenly the wind switches and begins toblow out of the north-east. As it moves back down from the north, it brings clouds of Sahara sand with it.Suddenly it is calm and quiet. The proverbial calm before the storm is here.
Then whoosh!!!! The dust cloud slams into us, forcing us backwards with its strength. Dust gets in our eyes and in our mouth. It feels like a sand-blaster pelting us with grains of sand. Suddenly the sky turns red, then as dark as night. We cannot see where we are going in the house. Outside there is an eerie reddish tinge to the darkness. We strain to hear t…