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Party Time

Last Saturday, May 10, we had an open house. We wanted some way to thank all the people
who had helped us move and to show them the results of their hard work. I spent a lot of time baking, but I did it a little bit at a time, so it wasn't so bad. John also made date bars and we filled in with peanuts and a variety of Pringles-wanna be's called, get this, Cracks.

This blog also shows you the dining room and living room and Suzanne's room, finally with curtains hung and the windows and everything where it belongs.

I'd say we're pretty well settled in aside from the fact that we still don't have enough amps of electricity to run both air conditioners. Suzanne is still sleeping on the floor in our room. Everybody is tired of that, Suzanne especially.
The three guys on the left in this picture were a huge help. I think the one in the center in the green shirt was beginning to dread seeing us coming towards him...."Hey Chris, you know that big cupboard? Could you help us move it to another place again?" He seriously helped us move some items numerous times.
We are so thankful for good friends who help us when we need it!


Katie Barker said…
Everything looks great! Our apartment is currently full of boxes. We are packing, moving, unpacking, and driving wed - sat this week. I look forward to getting everything re-set up again.
I like the fresh look of all your curtains too.
amanda said…
Looks fabulous, what a great job you all did. It really looks like a home!
Lauren said…
I was wondering if you could ask around and see if anyone has a copy of the ancient "Crocodile Cookbook" from the 70s/80s.

Are you on the Sahel Academy compound? I've been wondering who lives in our old house. We were in the house in the corner farthest on the right (as you enter the main gate).

Beth said…
The picture of Suzanne's room looks so windows, sunlight flooding in...breeze blowing. :) I had to remind myself it's probably a very HOT looked so inviting! Seriously though, it really does look like home!
Dusty Penguin said…
I love your house. It looks so nice! The bowl of popcorn on the table brought back memories! All of our parties in the Gambia had popcorn, but in America people don't put out popcorn with the cookies and stuff at parties. It looks like a great party. Wish I were there. I would have been glad to help you move.
Dusty Penguin said…
Oh, Lauren, I (Nancy's sister) have a copy of the Crocodile Cookbook. (But I'm not giving it away:)))
Hannatu said…
Lauren, I have a copy of the Crocodile Cookbook. I think it was mimeographed or maybe photocopied, but the paper has turned brittle. I'm trying to figure out if there is some way I could scan it and redo it. Maybe someday I'll get that done and post it on the internet somewhere. Then everybody who has a falling-apart version of it could get it updated without making a trip to Nigeria to get one! I'll sure keep my eyes open for one for you, though!
Carol Wilson said…
I'm so happy to see you so well settled in. I pray that the coming months in Niamey will be full of blessing for all of you. Your home looks really good, and so do the three of you.
Dusty Penguin said…
So, Lauren, did you want a certain recipe, or did you want someone to copy the cookbook for you?
(Nancy's sister)
Anonymous said…
What is the deal with the cookbook are the recipes great? I want in on that copy you are talking about! LOL!

The blue in her room is so vibrant, it reminds me of the painted doors on the white houses in the pictures I have seen in Greece.

So glad you are all moved in, I will pray that you get enough amps to get Suzanne back in her room with her pretty blue blankets!

Love you guys!
Lauren said…
The Crocodile COokbook was originally put together by expat women in Nigeria in the 70s, I believe, and it served as a fantastic cookbook for those in West Africa as it uses African ingredients.

Originally, I wanted a single recipe, but someone in Nigeria has posted it for me at

If someone could bear to part with their copy, I'd be willing to digitise it into PDF format (either by scanning or by re-typing the recipes).
=% V- White%= said…
Hey Mrs. Devalve,
Its Valerie. I just wanted to say Hi. And I am glade that you guys are having a really good time this summer. I am sorry about Midnight. Thats a sad thing. Well I hope you guys stay safe and have a great summer.

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