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A Moving Story, Continued

On March 15 we went up to Tera and were there until March 25. John had tons of work to do. He had a two-day seminar on evangelism. All the believers in the area were invited. Then he spent a lot of time working with Amadou. Suzanne and I did a lot of cleaning and finished the packing. But we were bored a lot. We read books, played some games, did cross-stitch, and watched almost all of Season One of Monk. Suzanne was more bored than me. I shouldn't complain because it isn't often that I have nothing to do!!

Here are some pictures of our time in Tera and the official and final move to Niamey. The moving in to our house in Niamey isn't finished, but the move from Tera is.

Suzanne lying on the couch watching something on the DVD player.

Cleaning out the oven.

Spending time with Genghis Khan. Such a rascal, but so lovable. Gonna miss the little guy.
Easter Sunday at the church in D......Hanging out with the neighbors. The woman on the left is my good friend.
The moving truck arrives…


As you know, the place where we are living at Sahel Academy is temporary. A block of three apartments near the SIM office is being remodeled into a duplex. Our end of the duplex will have three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a storage room, a kitchen, and a living room/dining room. The living room will have it's challenges: it's a long, skinny room with lots of doors on the sides and windows on the ends, so there isn't a lot of wall space to work with.

They are making good progress on the work. These are pictures from a few weeks ago. We were in yesterday and it looks like they are getting ready to paint. We hope to be officially moved in the last week of March.

John in our bedroom.

The kitchen. Yes, both the stove and the fridge should fit in there now!

Suzanne's bathroom. Pretty gross. It's just cement splattered on the walls, though. I hope they clean it up!

The living room/dining room. We are looking towards the dining room. You can see the three doors on the left and th…

Tera Outreach Trip

Last Wednesday afternoon John, Suzanne and I went up to Tera. We went mostly to get ready for the team of Sahel Academy students and staff who would be coming up to do a weekend ministry team. On Friday 24 people from Sahel arrived at our house in Tera for the 4th annual Tera Outreach Trip.

Every trip seems to have its adventures. On the way up, Suzanne wanted to practice her driving. We let her and she was doing a great job when all of a sudden she started weaving all over the road. As is typical with learning drivers, she was over-correcting, but she finally got it under control. It was pretty scary, but she handled it well. John soon switched with her....not because of that, but we were getting closer to Tera and more populated areas. It was then we realized we had a flat tire! No wonder she lost control of the vehicle!
I think Suzanne did a great job taking these pictures.

Then when the team came on Friday, they had an adventure, too! The road from Niamey to the ferry is being repav…