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Our "New" House

Since moving to Niamey, we are living in temporary quarters on the Sahel Academy compound. Our temporary house is meant to be for a single person or perhaps two singles. It's not a bad size, really, except that the bedroom was not designed for a double bed! After living in town in Tera, this location is really quiet! One of my friends from Tera visited and said the house was too lonely. I'm enjoying the peace and quiet and having Suzanne's friends drop in whenever they want.

The kitchen door is not really the front door. But our desk is in front of the front door and people have used the kitchen door for years, anyway. Kind of hard to break old habits. I really like this kitchen. It's light and has plenty of cupboard space. There isn't a lot of counter top but I'm finding it sufficient. There is a nice pantry off the kitchen. The fridge and stove are borrowed. I HATE the stove and it hates me. It is very difficult to light (European stoves don't seem to hav…

Cute Kids

While we were still in Tera one of my friends asked me to take some pictures of her kids. These are the youngest two children out of five or six kids. I took a bunch, but these were the best of the lot. My friend. I've never been able to figure out why they don't like to smile in pictures.
Mom and son. They didn't know I was taking this one.

She's such a sober thing. Every now and then I get a smile out of her, but mostly she just sits on her mom's lap.

Why is it that little kids always want to chew on their shoes?

Isn't he the cutest thing ever?

Moving! creates all sorts of mixed emotions. There is at the same time excitement about the newness of what lies ahead and sadness over saying goodbye. When you tear up roots that have been in one place for 16 years and transplant them in another place, the plant wilts, but as it is watered and nourished it settles in and starts to grow again. We feel a lot like a plant....uprooted, but at the same time starting to perk back up.

Getting our stuff from Tera to Niamey has been interesting to say the least. Our friend, Tim Kusserow, came up with his truck one day and took a load down. Then Ed Chamberlain came with Ray White and took another load in his truck. We've taken down two loads in our truck so far. We will need to rent a bigger truck for the big furniture.
We are living in a temporary home with borrowed furniture while our place is being renovated (I'll do a blog on that another day). So we didn't want to bring it down and have to move it twice. It is still in Ter…

Installation of a New Chief for Tera

A few weeks ago we were able to attend something that hasn't happened for 24 years...a new chief was given power in Tera. The old chief died suddenly last summer and this man was his replacement. We went about an hour late which turned out to be an hour early....which means the ceremony started two hours late. It was pretty interesting anyway. I think I'll just post the pictures and explain them a bit. Different chiefs coming to the ceremony. The guys in the colorful outfits are bodyguards.

This is John and some of the men who helped plan the ceremony. The man on the far right is our landlord.

These guys are playing traditional instruments. Three of them are playing hollowed out gourds. The metal rings on their fingers make a hollow clacking sound. The other guy is playing a sort of violin. Standing up is a man playing a drum that he squeezes under his arm to make different sounds when he hits it.

This horse was beautifully decked out. He stood in front of where we were sitting.…