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God's Hand Seen in my Trip Back to Niger

I am safely back in Niger. As I started the trip there were some concerns I had. The main one was concerning my connection in Boston. I flew from Dayton to Boston and from Boston to New York. I only had a 40-minute layover and I knew if the flight from Dayton was late, I could be in trouble for connecting to New York. Well, we had a beautiful flight to Boston and arrived 30 minutes EARLY! I was able to departure gate was the same as the arrival gate, a Wendy's was right next to the gate so I could grab a sandwich...and then the flight to New York was LATE. So, as it turned out there was nothing to worry about.

When we boarded the plane from Boston to New York, we rolled out to the runway and then were told that New York was on "ground alert" and we couldn't take off until New York gave us clearance. So, all in all, we were almost 2 hours late leaving New York ....any longer and I would have begun worrying about my connection to Morocco!

But, God had it perf…