Wednesday, August 08, 2007

A Study in Contrasts

I've been thinking about some of the contrasts between Niger and Pennsylvania.

NIGER: Trees are few and far between in Niger. It is simply too hot and dry for them to thrive.

PENNSYLVANIA: Trees are everywhere here in Pennsylvania. I am really enjoying looking out my living room window right into the woods!

NIGER: Hard, rocky soil abounds. Wide open spaces are everywhere. There seems to be a total lack of color. Well, brown IS a color....but it's rather monochromatic. Believe it or not, Niger does turn green between June and October!

PENNSYLVANIA: There are so many different shades of green with surprising bursts of color. There are trees and hills rather than wide open spaces.

NIGER: We have absolutely no grass in our yard. It is all sand. We do have some flowering bushes, though!

PENNSYLVANIA: Grass and flowers are everywhere. I love sitting or lying in the grass! Flowers abound here at for the eyes!

NIGER: Somebody planted this millet in our yard last year. They waited too late and it wasn't a very good rainy season, anyway. But isn't it pitiful looking?!

PENNSYLVANIA: A farmer's field of corn. What a contrast!

You may think a person would love the prettiest place most, wouldn't you? But it's not true! Niger, in spite of all it's monotonous brown and stark scenery is beautiful to me! Why? Because it's home!

And we do have some beauty! Here is one of the flowering bushes in our yard. We also have pink and yellow bushes like this (bouganvilla).

Most of all, we have learned to love Niger's people, people who survive in spite of the harshness and lack of beauty. That's what makes it home to us.


journeyer said...

so glad the post ended on a happy note. I was getting worried. . . although I am very glad to hear you are enjoying PA. How much longer will you be there?

Also, I've never seen a white boganvia. That's so cool. We had pink ones in AZ, but never white.

David & Christine Devonshire said...

Still following your blog...most of the time directly from my feed reader, but I am still amazed at the similarities between the Philippines and Africa! Although this particular post doesn't apply in terms of color, flowers, trees and etc. I am thinking of the time when your husband went to the hospital to help get the right medicine for the patient and because the patient had a "powerful white man" lobbying for him received the proper medicine. A form of prejudice against their own people. Just like here...Thank the Lord for the good things we can influence!

Amanda said...

I love comparisons like this. When I was in uni I did a whole series of paintings with comparisions like this. Its a theme I really want to continue, especially when it shows our similarities as well as our differences. Great post!

Cindy said...

It is 'home' isn't it!!
Thanks for your prayers. I am praying for you!! Everyday!