Friday, August 31, 2007

On My Way

It's time to praise God in a HUGE way! I had asked you to pray for the release of the Korean hostages in Afghanistan. Every one of them has been released and allowed to go home. There are strings attached, of course. See the entire story at:

I will be leaving for Niger on Monday, September 3. Pray for me as I travel from Dayton to Boston, change planes, and then fly on to JFK in NY City. In NY I will have to collect my suitcase, find my way to another terminal, and check in. Pray that this whole process will go smoothly.

My flight from NY to Casa Blanca, Morocco is an all-nighter. In Casa Blanca I have something like a 16-hour layover. Thankfully, the airline gives us a hotel room and food vouchers. I leave Morocco late at night on September 4 and arrive in Niger at 3:30 a.m. on September 5. Two all-nighters leave one exhausted, then figure in jetlag and you can imagine why we feel like zombies the first few days back in Niger.

Pray for Daniel at Cedarville. He seems to be making a good adjustment. It will sure be hard to say goodbye to him.


journeyer said...

Nancy, Thanks for keeping us updated! I'll miss all your frequent posts once you are back in Africa! Please know that you are still in my frequent prayers. - I know I promised this a long time ago, (right as I was trying to finish my final year of grad school - silly me) but I'd kinda like to have that book wish list of yours again once you reassess what you have in Niger and what you weren't able to afford or fit in the suitcases going back. Just send me an email sometime. Love, Katie

Cindy said...

Praying for you Nancy!!

Michael Murphy said...

Nancy, I'm so sorry I missed your call! My cell was recharging at the time and it was off. I will continue to keep you and John and Suzy in my prayers. I will also try to be better at staying in touch.


Carol Wilson said...

I've so enjoyed your trip west. Thanks for sharing so many great photos. Pretty much the same trip we took last summer. Except for the family memories. Praying for you as you get over jetlag and find your way back in Niger.