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Korean Missionary Hostages

Here is a story that has not made big news in the US. This morning it got about 20 seconds on NBC. Meanwhile we hear about Barry Bonds and Paris Hilton ad nauseum. Unless you listen to Christian radio, I wonder if you are aware of this story.

The Taliban in Afghanistan has kidnapped 23 South Korean missionaries. Twenty of them are from one church, the Saemmul Presbyterian Church in Pandung, South Korea. As I understand it, this was a short-term summer trip to provide medical and other practical services to Afghanis living in poverty.

Two of the 23 have already been killed. The Taliban is now demanding an exchange of prisoners. I'm not going to voice a lot of personal opinions here about what I think should or shouldn't be done.

I just want to remind all of us to pray for these Korean Christian brothers and sisters and for their families. Just because they aren't American and therefore somehow the media doesn't think the story would be of general interest to the American public, it is easy to forget to pray for them.

I'd like to give you two links to further check out this story. I have put this one in my favorites so that I can check it daily for the latest update and then pray over the situation. I do not know much about the site, but I have browsed through his website and see that he is part of the Evangelical Covenant Chruch, the denomination our church membership is in. The site is: Please watch this video of the husband of one of the hostages reading a letter to his wife:

There may not be much we can do about this situation, but let's NOT FORGET TO PRAY! If anybody has suggestions on what we can do to get the word out and to highten awareness of the situation, let me know.


Jim said…
Thanks for posting the info and links. I've actually heard a lot about this, but of course I'm not in the USA and I'm not watching NBC!

Anyway, thanks for the reminder.
Dusty Penguin said…
I hear about it on the Christian radio station, but not, as you say, on the news networks. Thank you for the reminder, though, to be praying. It's easy to forget about it when we only hear about it once in a while.
Looking forward to seeing you next week. J wants to know if you can come earlier so he can spend more time with Daniel.

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