Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Day 9

As we discussed going from CO to CA, we realized we would not have time to visit the Grand Canyon. Dad said there wasn't much to see at Four Corners, either, and that it wasn't really worth going.
We left the hotel at the appointed time and stopped at a very slow Denny's in Cortez for breakfast. From there, we continued on our way west. We got to the cut-off for Four Corners and Dad decided we were there ahead of schedule, so we might as well go see it. It was fun....desert, lotsa wind, and a cement slab in the middle of it all to indicate where the four corners of four states come together. I put each foot in a different state and my hands in different states, so I was in four states at once. I don't particularly like this photo of me, but you get the idea! I also enjoyed talking to some of the Dine (Navajo) who were selling things and I got a great souvenir for Daniel.
When we got to the cut-off for the Grand Canyon, we realized we would get to go after all. It was well worth it. This is one of those sections of the world that God created that just can't be described. The pictures we took just don't do it justice.
We spent the night in Flagstaff, then drove on to CA for the next day. About all I can say about western CO, AZ, and this part of CA is that it will prepare me to return to Niger! It is a hot, dry, barren desert.
There are orange groves nearby here in Hemet where my brother lives. I don't know where the water comes from to keep them alive. It is very rocky here and the surrounding rocky hills reminds us of the Jos Plateau in Nigeria.


journeyer said...

Ah Nancy! You're in my land now - your pictures are beautiful. I am so happy that you had time for the Grand Canyon. It's always worth it. And the train ride in CO. How fun! You are right on the river name. I've never taken the train, but I have tubed down the river :) And Definitely been to Silverton and Durango. We liked to go to Youth Group summer camp up there, and then my family liked to backpack in CO. The Grand Canyon State is my home. Thanks for the pictures. Katie

Hannatu said...

I told my parents, "Who would take their kids to Disney Land when they could go to Colorado?"