Monday, July 16, 2007


Our friends, Rachel and Sjoerd, are staying in our house this summer while we are here in the US. They are there so they can be immersed in a milieu of many Fulfulde speakers. The 2nd most frequently spoken language in Tera next to Songhai is Fulfulde (the language spoken by the Fulani people).
A week or so ago they heard rumors of an elephant wandering around in the bush near Doumba. They went out and were able to find this elephant. I guess he has wandered in from Burkina Faso which is only about 30 miles away.
We wish we were there to see him! This just seems to unbelievable! They sent us this picture. You can see another one of him on their blog: Then on the right, click on photo album.


Carol Wilson said...

How wonderful! I'm sure Jeremy is envious. You too, no doubt!

Carol Wilson said...

Forgot to say that I've loved all the recent postings, the wedding anniversaty photos, the book reviews, and especially Creation. (We did some of those wonderful events at Kings Island a few years ago. Wonderful.)

Georgene said...

So nice to catch up on your life. I tried to see where you are in the states. Did you say? I live in California. When will you be going home?