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Daniel's Last Week in Tera

Daniel's last week in Tera went by much too quickly. Part of me wants to keep my kids with me forever. The other part realizes that their leaving home is a normal step in their development and I'm just thankful that he is able to make this step on his own (with God's help and lots of support from friends and family).

Daniel loves going hunting with his beebee gun. Mainly he shoots birds, though lizards are a favoirte target. Birds are edible, however, whereas nobody will eat lizards (except monitor lizards). So, the neighborhood boys follow him around when he hunts and then he gives them the meat. They cook it and they all partake in the feast. I had some of the pigeon. It was excellent. The boy on the left is Karimun, the boy who had typhoid fever. He made a remarkable recovery once he got the right medicine!

Daniel loves playing war games. His favorite is Axis and Allies but I won't play that with him. It's too complicated for me. So, I played Risk with him...let's just say he wiped me off the face of the earth in record time.

We all went in our room, turned on the AC and watched movies on the computer. The office/ministry room where the TV is is about 105 degrees by the evening. We can cool our bedroom down to about 82, so that's a huge difference!

Of course, we made one last trip to Picnic Rock. We climbed to the top of the hill where we took this picture. Isn't it nice? Then we went back down and ate our picnic, then John played the guitar and we sang. We ended the evening by tossing the frisbee around.

On his last night in Tera, we had an "invitation" and invited all his friends he's grown up with and people from the church and others we know well. Maimouna and Hawa cooked for me. I made cake and we also made little treat bags of candy to give to everyone. The food is served on huge trays and everybody gathers around and eats with their hands. So you can only have a limited number of people at a tray. This is just one of the groups.

Daniel gave away his clothes that he didn't want to take with him to the US. Some of them were pretty good clothes, but others were in really bad shape, like these boxers whose elastic was shot. Jumassi put them on over his trousers because he knew they wouldn't stay up. The next picture shows what happened when we tried to walk way in his new shorts. That was the last thing we saw as we drove away from Tera. We all had a good laugh!


journeyer said…
What a memorable day. So many "last time" things packed in. Glad it was good. You are such a dear mother.
Cindy said…
Love the last picture!!
I am praying for you!
Our round of goodbyes start next week.
Take lot's of pictures
Hugs to all
Beth said…
What a hilarious memory to leave with as your last! I hope things will go well as Daniel settles in and you help him prepare for College.
Rachel van Veen said…
hilarious! We'll look out for the boxers when we arrive in Tera!
Dusty Penguin said…
It made me sad. The endings of chapters are always sad, especially when the chapter is really long. But the new chapter will be exciting too. I'm sorry I missed your call on my cell. I'll try to reach you maybe tonight.
Dusty Penguin said…
Call me again--I don't know where to call you at. Your favorite sis:)
Carol Wilson said…
Great memories. Thanks for being willing to share such tender moments. Sorry to learn (from Jeremy's blog) that you're ill. I pray it'll be very short. Have a fabulous summer. By the way, we can't get Tera off our hearts, and we pray daily for the guys there, and now for the van Veens.

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