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Daniel's Last Week in Tera

Daniel's last week in Tera went by much too quickly. Part of me wants to keep my kids with me forever. The other part realizes that their leaving home is a normal step in their development and I'm just thankful that he is able to make this step on his own (with God's help and lots of support from friends and family).
Daniel loves going hunting with his beebee gun. Mainly he shoots birds, though lizards are a favoirte target. Birds are edible, however, whereas nobody will eat lizards (except monitor lizards). So, the neighborhood boys follow him around when he hunts and then he gives them the meat. They cook it and they all partake in the feast. I had some of the pigeon. It was excellent. The boy on the left is Karimun, the boy who had typhoid fever. He made a remarkable recovery once he got the right medicine!

Daniel loves playing war games. His favorite is Axis and Allies but I won't play that with him. It's too complicated for me. So, I played Risk with him...let&…

Congratulations Class of 2007

Tonight was Daniel's graduation from high school....the culmination of 13 years of hard work. Well, maybe kindergarten wasn't so hard! We are extremely proud of him! Tonight's ceremony and reception following were very meaningful. I have so many photos there is no way I can post them all!

Daniel getting ready.

Pomp and Circumstance.

Sahel Academy class of 2007: Daniel D., Daniel K., Ojeoma, Hadiza, Emmanuel, and David!

One of the teachers, Mr. Field, addressed the students. He gave an excellent summary of the character of each student and encouraged them in their future walk. His talk showed how very well he knows each student and how much he cares for them. The director of the school, "Uncle Brian", gave a brief message: 3, 2, 1, Go. Three: faith, hope love. Two: love your God and love your neighbor. One: One God and one way to heaven. Go into the world and preach the gospel. Another teacher sang a great song about friendship.
Each of the graduates got to talk about…

Grad Banquet

Last night was the graduation banquet for the 2007 graduating class of Sahel Academy.

Amber, aka Coach, had done all the work of setting up the restaurant and organizing the menu. The juniors planned the program. And the dorm mom, Aunt Brenda, and I did the baking for the dessert, which was not included in the restaurant menu. I made a pineapple upside-down cake, an upside-down German chocolate cake, a white layer cake with chocolate frosting, and chocolate chip bars. The worst thing about all that baking was that the oven where we're staying is very small, so I could only bake one thing at a time. It also isn't very well-insulated and the whole apartment was HOT by the time I was finished!

The banquet was held at a Lebanese restaurant. It is in a clear plastic tent which sounds kind of weird, but it's cool because you can see out into the flower garden which is very beautiful. The school colors are yellow and black, with purple as an alternative for decorating. The restaura…

Karimun Has Typhoid Fever!

The lady that helps me in my house, Maimouna, has eleven children, ten of them still living. She had five children with her first husband who died from TB when she was pregnant with the fifth child. Now she has had six children with her second husband.

Karimun is child # 4 in the 2nd batch of kids and he is about 12 years old. We have known him all his life. I wish I had a picture of him on this computer to post, but I don't....and I forgot to copy one off the other computer.

About 3 weeks ago he came down with a headache and fever that came every evening and generally didn't feel well. We gave him a chloroquine treatment since those are all signs of malaria. It didn't do any good, so they took him to the dispensary. She told him he'd already done a malaria treatment, but they gave him more malaria medicine, but ran no tests. That is not unusual here, sad to say. Malaria is the #1 disease in Niger and probably 9 times out of 10 treating for malria is the right thing to d…