Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Sting

One night, along about 11 p.m., I was sound asleep. I kind of felt something walking on my neck, so reflexively, without even thinking, I grabbed it to fling it away from me. (John says I flung it towards him, but if I did, it wasn't on purpose!!!) I instantly felt a sharp pain shooting up my finger. I started gasping in pain. John sits up, all confused and says, "What's going on?" He turned on the light and I said, "Something stung me or bit me. I think it was a scorpion!" We started looking for it and there it was marching across the bed....it really was heading towards John! He grabbed a shoe and smacked it and that was the end of that scorpion. (Sigh....my hero!) John gave me two extra-strength Tylenol, but they did nothing for the pain. Suzanne brought me a bag of ice and that helped to numb the area. The pain was so intense and I didn't want to keep John awake, so I went outside and sat in a chair for a couple of hours until the pain diminished enough that I could sleep through it. Even the next morning it still hurt a little.
In Songhai the expression used for what a scorpion does to you is "it burned me". That pretty well describes it, but it's a more shooting pain than a burn.
I grew up in Nigeria, and have lived in Nigeria or Niger since 1982 and have never been stung by a scorpion, so I guess that's a pretty good record. The first year we lived in our house in Tera we killed 7 scorpions. Every year since we've killed at least one. Suzanne has been stung twice, both times when she was playing outside.
You may have seen pictures of big black scorpions, but these little brown ones are much more painful and poisonous than the big ones. This one was probably about 1 1/2 inches long....you can see him here in perspective with a pen. Yes, this is the very one that stung me!


malamacindy said...

Thanks for your prayers.....
hugs all around :)

Dusty Penguin said...

I can't feel your pain having never been stung, but Duane can! You did have a good record! I'm sure sorry you got stung.

Gypsy said...

Man that's rotten. Dad was in MAJOR pain when he got stung. I'm sorry to have to say that is one experience I'm glad not to share with you! Love you bunches!