Wednesday, March 28, 2007

English in Thailand

The Thai people are beautiful people. I suppose there are some homely Thais, but I didn't see any! They are very gracious and always willing to please. English is a 2nd language to them and it may not even be the most used language at the hotel we were in. There were tons of Russians and Iranians on holiday there, not to mention the Thais, Chinese, and Indians who were there. It didn't take us long to figure out that our English was not very often understood...or at least not understood well. They made a valiant attempt to communicate in English, though.

Because I'm usually the one making the funny language mistakes, I got a real kick out of some of the English signs we saw in Thailand. Here are some of the funny ones we saw.
This was posted on the back of our door: "For your own protection, Please double lock your door or used a door chain whiling you in room."
This was at the pool to warn of deep water.
This was definitely my favorite: "To relieve yourself in an ideal of karaoke and live music in bewitching time." I don't think anybody would be very happy if the tourists started relieving themselves during karaoke time!


Jane Stutzman said...

Great pictures, Nancy! and I'm only a day late in reading the last blog you posted with the pictures from your Thailand trip. I am impressed with the hard work Jeremy has done on zai holes... it's great he finally got some good help. I've already been praying for good rain for crops(and your water shortage).

mymeanderings said...

So funny, I have heard that we do that here in America with Chinese signs, thinking we are so cool wearing something or hanging something in our house that has Chinese writing and it says something in reality that makes no sense.

Daisy said...

Great pictures! I like the one of John being picked up by an elephant. I would be scared that the elephant would snap me in half! I'm happy that you guys got to sqeeze in a little swimming in the ocean and the pools after coming from dusty old Niger. :)

Dusty Penguin said...

Great post! Loved the funny signs. It looks like a wonderful place to vacation--minus the loooong trip!

Gypsy said...

just so you know, I always check your blog and always read up so don't feel like nobody luvs you cause i DO!!!