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English in Thailand

The Thai people are beautiful people. I suppose there are some homely Thais, but I didn't see any! They are very gracious and always willing to please. English is a 2nd language to them and it may not even be the most used language at the hotel we were in. There were tons of Russians and Iranians on holiday there, not to mention the Thais, Chinese, and Indians who were there. It didn't take us long to figure out that our English was not very often understood...or at least not understood well. They made a valiant attempt to communicate in English, though.

Because I'm usually the one making the funny language mistakes, I got a real kick out of some of the English signs we saw in Thailand. Here are some of the funny ones we saw. This was posted on the back of our door: "For your own protection, Please double lock your door or used a door chain whiling you in room." This was at the pool to warn of deep water. This was definitely my favorite: "To relieve yourself…

Trip to Thailand

John and I just returned from Thailand where we attended a consultation for missionaries. It was pretty good. Lots and lots of meetings. We were busy from morning to night with not much free time. The food was wonderful! The hotel was luxurious, at least for us! This is our hotel. We were on the 12th floor.

We had to go a few days before the consultation and stay a few days after. So we did get to see some things. That was because there are so few flights into and out of Niger. Not exactly a world-class tourist destination.

So, we had to fly from here to Casa Blanca, Morocco. The Casa Blanca airport is very small, but clean. But after 6 hours, what is there to do? It was a LONG wait. From there we flew to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. We flew Emirate Air and they sure know how to run an airline! The service was top-notch. The airport is....opulent. But it was so busy and there were tons of people. People from every country in the world probably. We were so exhausted. It was the mid…

Sahel Academy Outreach Team

On the weekend of March 9-11, a group of students and staff from Sahel Academy, where Daniel and Suzanne attend, came to Tera for a weekend of hard work. There were 26 in the group....5 staff and the rest students. Even more of the students wanted to come, but we just couldn't host more than that, so the youth pastor picked who would come based on applications and whether or not they had already done a ministry outreach trip this school year.

They were a great bunch of kids. Just the international-ness of the group was a testimony. One of the teachers, a Nigerien, was asked how we could all work together being so different and he was able to witness to the man of how Christ saves people from every tribe and nation. We had Americans, Koreans, a Nigerian, a Ruwandan, a Beninois, a Ghanaian, a Belgian, and a Nigerien. They arrived Friday night and the men went over to the church property and set up camp. The young women stayed at our house. After supper we had an orientation and devos.…

If Gloves Could Talk

Awhile back we realized that we had a huge church property sitting mostly empty with just a small grass shack which serves as our church building. Why not plant the rest of the property with millet which, when harvested we can give to the poor. But, if we're decided if we are going to do it, we might as well do it properly. That means we needed to dig zai holes....a method of planting used in arid areas for increasing crop yield. Well, Jeremy ran with the idea. He has completely worn out the leather gloves you see here. These gloves enabled Jeremy to do a huge amount of back-breaking work.

First, he dug a 5-foot deep hole behind our store room. Then he and John went out and collected millet chaff and manure which they dumped into the hole and watered faithfully to make compost. Then he spent all morning most mornings of the week digging holes in the ground about 1.5 feet deep. Into these holes is dumped some of the compost. Then you let the wind blow the sand back into the holes, c…