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On January 29 we celebrated John's birthday. We had a very special meal. We hadn't been able to find chicken for ages and we finally got some, so we had chicken fixed his favorite way! We also invited the Southern Baptist missionaries over for supper...they left just a few days after that to return to the US for awhile. Anyway, John got lots of nice gifts from both his parents and mine and a few from me, too. I'm so thankful to have this good and godly man as my husband!

Today, February 23, was Daniel's birthday. It doesn't seem like 18 years ago that he was born right here in Niamey. He's a special kid and I've enjoyed every one of the 18 years with him so far. We wanted to make the day special for him, but didn't really know how to do that. The poor kid had a major math test today...and math has been a real struggle for him recently. But he feels like he did well on this test, so maybe his day wasn't totally ruined by it.
Anyway, while he was still …

Young People

On my last post I said that 50% of Niger's population is under 15. I don't know what percentage is between 15 and 25, but it has to be pretty high. I think you get the idea that Niger's population is young. (This photo by Joni Byker.

Like teens everywhere, the kids here like to do what ever the latest style is. The guys love the ghetto look. The girls who can get away with it like to wear skimpy styles. They love rap and hip-hop. Many are rebellious. Sadly, they are being influenced by some very negative things coming out of the west. It's no wonder the US, and especially Hollywood, is not always appreciated!

Another thing most teens enjoy is sports. Sports are great because they help teach discipline and they give kids something to do to keep them out of trouble. When Mike Murphy was here, he had a dream to fix up the town's sports field which is basically just that....a field. We started a project to raise money to upgrade the field. A little came in and we were ab…

What to Do with Those Kids

As all you parents and teachers know, the best thing to do with kids is keep them busy! So, on Wednesday afternoons, which the kids have off of school, I have a Kids' Club for kids. John helps me with the music and Jeremy helps me with crowd control. That's why he has the stick in his hands. "Frapper! Frapper!" (Loosely translated, "I'm going to hit you!") As the famous line goes...Walk softly and carry a big stick. No, he doesn't normally hit kids, but the stick speaks their language.

Anyway, I digress.... Back to the club. We have singing, then we have a Bible story, a verse, a lesson in French, and we color a picture. I was trying to do a game with the kids, but the boys just wanted to leave to go play soccer, so I gave up on the game. Right now we are studying Elisha. Those are exciting stories and the kids listen spell-bound. That's about the only time during the club when they are really good! I also teach them Sunday School, which is the …


Kids are everywhere in Niger! Over half the population of Niger is under 15!

Kids are so willing to pose for photos. They love our digital cameras and crowd around after each photo yelling, "Ey ma di!" Which actually sounds like, "M di! M di!" "Let me see! Let me see!" Here are some of my favorite kid photos that I've taken in recent months.

This little guy was eating candy I had given him. His nose is just a little disgusting! He tries so hard to be funny...his version of funny is just spouting nonsense. And doing stuff like showing everybody the green candy in his mouth!

This little boy ALWAYS has a dirty nose. The first thing I say everytime I see him is, "Go blow your nose." He's so naughty, but so cute! He lives next door and all day long I hear his mom calling his name. Jeremy calls him Genghis Khan. But the other kids think he's saying "Genji Kaan" which would mean a good crazy person. Either way, the name seems to fit!…

Home Improvements

Well, I'm back in Niamey, but just for overnight. The kids have a long weekend off school. Daniel will be going to Ougadougou for a softball tournament. Jeremy wanted to go along, so I brought him down. Suzanne and her roommate wanted to come to Tera, so it all worked out nicely.

We got so busy the week of Christmas and the week after that my house lady could only do the most basic chores. Things like dusting the window sills just didn't get done. Then we went to Niamey for two weeks. From Christmas until the time we returned to Niamey we had very heavy harmattan. (See John's blog for a good description: So when we got home, our house was filthy. These pictures show a window sill, our dresser, and the floor inside the kitchen door that doesn't quite completely shut. Thankfully, she has caught up on the cleaning and has been keeping up with it better.

The past three weeks have gone by so quickly. But we life has been pretty routine and I haven&…