Friday, January 12, 2007

Jeremy's Double Found and a Dredful Hair Day

Remember how the little girl said I look just like Brooke Shields? Well, it may have been a stretch to see the resemblance between Brooke and me. But how's this? I think Jeremy has a remarkable resemblance to our Christmas goat, don't you?

Jeremy has lots of thick, curly hair, but it was getting pretty long. He decided it would be easier to care for if he got dredlocks. First we asked if having dreds would be a problem and it seemed like culturally it would be ok. Then we tried to find somebody to do it, but couldn't come up with anybody. So Jeremy and I read up on it on the internet and Suzanne and I said we'd try to give him dreds. It took hours and hours and we could definitely do a better job if we were to do it again. One thing for sure...Suzanne and I both know we don't want to be hairdressers (our apologies to the hairdressers reading this). I think it turned out pretty good, but it takes 3 months to really "set" and it's definitely not there yet. I told him it looks pretty dreadful. It's definitely not my favorite style, but it should be easier for him to care for! The style, by the way, is often worn by Rastafarians so here in Niger it's referred to as a "rasta". Bob Marley is a favorite singer here in Niger, so the hair-do is often associated with him.


Anonymous said...

You are so brave! I actually think the dreds are kinda' cute, and I shudder to think what they'll look like after they "set" in three months! We'll be glad to get him back, in any case. And yes, the resemblance to the goat is striking. Is that why it's called a "goatee"?

I hope your remaining days in Naimey are wonderful. We're heading for Nassau tomorrow for 4 days.

journeyer said...

ohhh. wow, you are a women of so many talents. :) how did you do it? I always, just thought they kinda put it up in a hat or soemthing and left it alone till it became so gross and mangey. I guess that doesn't make that much sense when you think about it! ha. Anyways... tell us how you did it!

Hannatu said...

In answer to journeyer...I think the hat idea would work as well. You twist pieces of hair and as you twist you kind of rat it up with a comb as you twist. There is a girl in Suzanne's class with gorgeous dreds, but then she has African hair and it works easier with that texture of hair.

mymeanderings said...

I think it looks so cool!! So cool!
I would have dreads if I had the hair for it, and if it was socially acceptable here! LOL!
It looks like you and Suzanne did a great job!