Wednesday, November 08, 2006

A Virtual Tour, Part V

If you're in the hallway facing the bathroom, Daniel and Suzanne's room is to the right. We only have two bedrooms, so they've alway

s had to share a room. Suzanne's bed is in the foreground and Daniel's is in the background. They also have a bookshelf, a dresser, a little table, and the little desk where John is working. When they're not home we use their room as an extended work space. But now Jeremy is here and so this is his room. He sleeps in Daniel's bed and uses the little desk for his computer. We also brought another dresser from Niamey for him (seen in this photo). There is no closet in this room. There are two windows, so it's light and airy. Notice the cement floors, Joanna! This one is even two-toned because it needed to be repaired and the cement turned out to be a different color and texture!


Carol Wilson said...

Yeah, I recognize Jeremy's clothes on the bed. Did you have to remind him to put the rest away for the sake of the photo?
I sure appreciate you!

Hannatu said...

Actually, in his defense, the photo was taken before he arrived! Must have been one of us! No, I just ignore his room...I have teenagers, too! I'm afraid I'm a bit used to it.