Wednesday, November 08, 2006

A Virtual Tour, Part III

From the kitchen, you go into the living room/dining room. Or you can get to it through the big double doors on the front of the house.

The table is just to the left of the door from the kitchen and this big dish cupboard is to the right. Displayed on this cupboard are photos of our parents, our siblings, and all of our nieces and nephews.

The sitting area is straight ahead. We had a carpenter make these chairs, but he didn't do it exactly as we wanted. So, they're a bit short in the sit and very straight up and down and not exactly comfortable! The brown chair is one we had borrowed from the mission to have in Mike's house. It's so comfortable we kept it in our house for him to use while we were gone. And now we've got it "for Jeremy". When he leaves we'll have to give it back, I'm afraid.

You can only see one bookshelf in this picture, but we have a total of four of them in our living room! Guess what we like to do!!


mymeanderings said...

The dining room looks so light, I like how you did the border of blue! I see the curtain near the hutch matches the fabric on the couch. You have a good eye!
The way you described the couch I am picturing my knees up to my ears! LOL!

Laurie DeValve said...

Nancy, Your home is beautiful! I enjoyed reading your blog. Love to you, John, Suzanne and Daniel and Merry Christmas. Love, Laurie